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PETERLOO – Frustrated with the film? Underwhelmed with the Memorial? Then come on our walks!

Ed Glinert, the only Manchester tour guide who has worked with Mike Leigh and the great radical activist Paul Foot, has been talking, walking, reading, thinking, sleeping, writing about Peterloo, giving guided tours about Peterloo, giving lectures about Peterloo, for more than 30 years.

Next up, two new Peterloo tours on Sunday 18 November. See the film and then discover all the bits Mike Leigh left out! The first, “Before Peterloo”, at 11.30am from Central Library. And then, can you believe, at 2pm, “After Peterloo”, also from Central Library.

Ed Glinert has rooted out an astonishing array of stories connected with one of the defining events in English political history.

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For our programme of political walks in August 2019…

* Sat 3 Aug – Manchester 1819: The Dreadful Year, 11.30am

* Sun 4 Aug –
Marx & Engels in Manchester Part 1, 11.30am
* Sun 4 Aug – Marx & Engels in Manchester Part 2, 2.30pm

* Sat 10 Aug – Peterloo: The Week Before…, 11.30am

* Fri 16 Aug – The Ultimate Peterloo Massacre 200 tour, 4pm & 6.15pm

* Sat 17 Aug – The Day After Peterloo, 11.30am

* Sun 18 Aug – The Victims of Peterloo, 11.30am
* Sun 18 Aug – The Women of Peterloo, 2.30pm

* Sat 24 Aug – The Pankhursts, 11.30am
* Sat 24 Aug – “Fame is the Spur”: the great Peterloo novel, 2.30pm

• “The Women of Peterloo” will also run during the March International Women’s Day celebrations.