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What's happening with New Manchester Walks


Sat 6 Apr Peterloo: The Ultimate Peterloo Massacre Tour
Meet Central Library, St Peter’s Square, 11.30am.

Sat 6 Apr Manchester Music: The Hacienda Years
Meet HOME, 2.30pm.

Mon 22 Apr Alan Turing’s Manchester
Meet Manchester Museum Reception, Oxford Road, 12 noon.
Walk in the footsteps of the BBC’s “icon of the 20th century”.

Mon 22 Apr Manchester Architecture: The Glory Years
Meet Midland Hotel, 3pm.
Marvel at the delectable and delicious delights of Manchester’s architectural glories: Chepstow House, the Castlefield Free Library, the intricate designs on the
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There’s Left-Wing; There’s Right-Wing; There’s New Manchester Walks’s Political Tours

Our political tours go that bit further. That’s because Ed Glinert, has been working as a political journalist, author and commentator since 1981. He has written for the New Statesman, Sunday Times, Independent and spent ten years at Private Eye.  
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Dear Ed,

Thank you so much for the enjoyable tour. I learned a lot despite having lived in Manchester since 1999 and having spent a few years at the university. I have to bring my boys as well one day as I think they would enjoy is. My daughter certainly did.

Kind Regards,

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We are delighted to be launching a new walks programme in conjunction with the great people from Great Days (of Altrincham) on Saturdays this summer, starting on Saturday 25 May.

In the morning at 11am we will be running our ever-popular music tour – Manchester Music: The Hacienda Years. In the afternoon at 2.30pm it’s “Secrets of the Northern Quarter”.
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The Story of Manchester in 101 Objects. No. 4: The Romans in Manchester

One piece of authentic Roman masonry survives in its original position in Manchester. It is a block of stone, about a foot high and a few wide, dating from around the year 200, which can be found turning left at the end of Collier Street under Arch 95 of the Manchester, South Junction and Altrincham Railway. How it has survived is a miracle,
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The Story of Manchester in 101 Objects. No. 5: The Saxons & Vikings in Manchester

5. Manchester under the Saxons and Vikings
Object: Angel Stone
Location: Manchester Cathedral
Year: c. 700
We don’t have much evidence of Saxon or Viking Manchester. Records weren’t kept, as nobody thought this obscure tract of land, Manigceastre, cut off from the important towns on the eastern side of the country, such as York, to be important.
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The Story of Manchester in 101 Objects. No. 6: Manchester-Liverpool Rivalry

How far back should we trace the rivalry between Manchester and our formidable cousin, 35 miles west down the Mersey? In the year 1207 King John issued letters patent proclaiming the establishment of a new borough, “Livpul”, and inviting people to settle there. At that time Manchester was a minor player, a village of no renown. Lancashire itself was considered isolated and unimportant, the major routes from London heading east to York and then on to Edinburgh. Liverpool moved ahead of Manchester in mediaeval times because of its status as a port for British trade. Manchester caught up and overtook Liverpool during the early years of the Industrial Revolution, only for Liverpool to respond by becoming one of the world’s major transatlantic ports.
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Alan Turing Voted BBC Icon of the 20th Century – Discover more on our tour

How wonderful that Alan Turing, a man vilified in his lifetime by the establishment and unknown to the public on account of the secrecy surrounding his war work, has just been named the BBC’s Icon of the 20th century. Noting that the BBC’s own website on the subject wrongly claims that Alan Turing invented the computer, here’s the ideal opportunity to learn the true story…on our tour.

Next tours from the Manchester Museum Reception:
* Sat 23 Mar, 11.30am.
* Easter Monday 22 Apr, 12 noon.
* Sun 12 May, 12 noon.
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