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What's happening with New Manchester Walks

Up-Coming Public Tours

• Sat 21 May – The Smiths’ Manchester, Mercure Hotel, 11am.
• Sat 21 May – Manchester Music: 40 Years Since the Hacienda Opened, HOME, 2pm.
• Wed 25 May – The Secret History of Manchester, Mercure Hotel, 5.30pm.
• Sun 31 May – Ancoats, Band on the Wall, 12 noon.

• Thu 2 June Bank Holiday – Castlefield, Beetham Tower, 11.30am.
• Thu 2 June Bank Holiday – The Pankhursts, Emmeline Pankhurst statue, 2.30pm.
• Fri 3 June Bank Holiday – Angel Meadow, Victoria Station wallmap, 11.30am.
• Fri 3 June Bank Holiday – The Northern Quarter, Queen Victoria statue, Piccadilly Gardens, 2.30pm.
• Sat 4 June, Strangeways, Victoria Station wallmap, 11am.
• Sat 4 June, Manchester Music, The Hacienda Years (this day 1976 the Sex Pistols played the Lesser Free Trade Hall), HOME, 2pm.
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Calling schools, students and teachers! Book an official guide to enrich your students on all things Manchester and Liverpool: the Pankhursts, Peterloo, Slavery, the Industrial Revolution…

We’ve been taking more and more groups on educational walking tours, covering all aspects of Manchester history.

We do Liverpool as well!

Please e-mail for a great day out for your class.

When Glinert gave a talk on Alan Turing at Manchester Library a few years ago one mother wrote to say it was the best lesson (of sorts) she’d heard and asked her mum why can’t school be more like that?

Well, that’s because Ed Glinert is the most entertaining speaker in the area, giving talks to a variety of clubs, societies and organisations, on cruise ships and to the Arts Society. That’s it.
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Welcome to Manchester! Official Walks, Talks & Coach Tours…Our Massive Programme

Alan Turing – Ancoats – Angel Meadow – Architecture
Around Manchester in 80 Minutes – Art – Ashton Canal
Bridgewater Canal
Castlefield – Central Library – Charles Dickens’ Manchester – Chetham’s
Chorlton-on-Medlock – Classic Corrie – Cotton
Dark Side of Manchester – Days Out – Didsbury – Docks
East Manchester – Elizabeth Gaskell – Engels & Marx
Fame is the Spur – Football – Free Trade Hall
Gangland Manchester – Grand Hotels – Great Treasures
Hangman’s Manchester – Haworth – Heaton Park
Hebden Bridge & Heptonstall – Hell Is A City – Heroes & Villains
Hidden Gems – History of Manchester in 20 Objects
Hitler’s Plans for Manchester – Hulme
… and so much more …
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Cultural Tours of Manchester – Designed Just for Your Group!

Book your group for an intensely satisfying intellectually enriching cultural tour of the capital of the North – Manchester – home to one of the greatest Pre-Raphaelite collections, stamping ground of Gaskell, Dickens and Thomas de Quincey, base for the Halle Orchestra, setting for some of the most stimulating examples of Victorian architecture in the country.

This is Manchester, the city of Waterhouse, Worthington, Walters and Wood; Barbirolli, Burgess and the BBC Philharmonic; where the gallery walls are filled with Millais, Rossetti, Holman Hunt and Ford Madox Brown, and the streets are lined with Classical temples, Gothic spires and Baroque beauty.

Contact Ed Glinert, Arts Society lecturer, cruise ships speaker, Penguin author and the country’s most prolific tour guide on info@newmanchesterwalks, 07769 29 8068 for a bespoke cultural experience tailor made for your group…
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James Anderton

Ed Glinert here:
As the journalist who did more pieces (for City Life and Private Eye) on James Anderton, the former Greater Manchester chief constable who died on the 5 of May aged 89, than anyone, can I remind younger readers just how ridiculous he was.
When Anderton became chief constable of the newly-formed Greater Manchester Police in 1976 he quickly announced that he had a direct line to God and stated that he might be the living reincarnation of Oliver Cromwell. He sent coppers in motor boats flashing torches underneath the arches of the Rochdale Canal looking for men having sex with other men. He later denounced AIDS sufferers as “swirling around in cesspit of their own-making”.
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A new tour, perfect for groups! Around Manchester in 80 Minutes

Perfect for groups! Book Ed Glinert, Manchester’s most prolific tour guide and author of Penguin’s legendary Manchester Compendium, on a whistle-stop expert tour of the world’s great industrial city. This is a quick-fire run-down of all the great Manchester sights and sites, with all the most mesmerising and memorable stories. Here’s the route and set-list.
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Why does Central Library look Like the Pantheon?

* The following article is now featured on the ILoveMcr website.
* New Manchester Walks’s architecture tours are the only expert architecture tours taking place in the city. They have been devised by RIBA judge Ed Glinert, aided as always by John Alker. A new date for the next tour will be announced soon as it is possible to do so. In the meantime, here is a wonderful story explaining why Manchester Central Library is modelled on Rome’s Pantheon.


You may have noticed that Manchester’s Central Library looks like The Pantheon of Rome. It is so strikingly obvious. But it begs the question why?
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Could you join us to deliver a Manchester Music tour on Saturday afternoons?

We are working with various guiding bodies to offer a FREE (with tips) Manchester music walking tour focussing on the Hacienda Years every Saturday afternoon. The only problem is, we don’t have the guides.

We are looking for a small squad of guides. You don’t have to go on a course to get a coloured badge, but you do have to know your Manchester music history inside out, you do have to have a reasonable knowledge of modern music outside Manchester, you do need to know the difference between “Do The Du” and Husker Du, you do have to play the right sounds at the right location, you do have to be presentable, personable and entertaining, and yes, we will test you!

If you can get past our GCHQ-styled test, then you can earn a wodge by walking “through the city limits”, taking folk from the Hacienda (as was) to the Ritz (as is); from Tony Wilson’s city centre pad to the Lesser Free Trade Hall (well, almost the same spot). The better you perform, the more dosh you will trouser in tips. Simples! And if we get the guides, Visit Manchester will give us a big promo.
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