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What's happening with New Manchester Walks


This is the list of tours now live on sale with eventbrite. Please check on our website calendar before setting off. Some are getting sold out but there will be plenty of future dates!

• Tue 22 Jan Jewish Manchester Day
Part 1: Building the New Jerusalem
Meet Visitor Information Centre, Piccadilly Gardens, 11am.

Part 2: The Old Jewish Ghetto
Meet Victoria Station wallmap, 2pm.

• Wed 23 Jan Angel Meadow Victorian Hell-Hole
Meet Victoria Station wallmap, 5.30pm.
Journalist Angus Bethune Reach called Angel Meadow: “the lowest, most filthy, most unhealthy, and most wicked locality in Manchester…

• Thu 24 Jan John Rylands Library And…
Meet St Ann’s Church, 2pm.
More than a tour of one of the world’s greatest libraries, this is a trip through the commercial (a brief look at the Royal Exchange) and religious (a brief look at St Ann’s Church) history of Manchester…
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• Sat 2 Feb Marx & Engels in Manchester, Part 1
Meet Engels statue HOME, 11.30am.

• Sat 2 Feb Marx & Engels in Manchester, Part 2
Meet St Ann’s Church, 2.30pm.
Follow in the footsteps of the world’s most controversial political theorist, Karl Marx, on his sojourns in Manchester with his great pal Friedrich Engels, the German cotton merchant and secret revolutionary who spent his working life in Manchester making capitalist money so that he could live the life of a bourgeois, riding with the Cheshire Hunt at the weekends, but researching social conditions in the Manchester slums to write one of the most influential political books ever written, The Condition of the Working Class in England (1845).

• Sun 3 Feb The Smiths’ Manchester
Meet Art Gallery, Mosley Street, 12 noon.
They were Britain’s greatest ever rock group, more melodic than the Beatles, more powerful than the Stones, cleverer than The Who, catchier than U2. They played music that lifted the soul with words that sharpened the mind. They played both types of music: fast and slow, soft and loud, country and western (OK, not quite the last), and they came from Manchester. They were The Smiths.
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PETERLOO – Frustrated with the film? Underwhelmed with the Memorial? Then come on our walks!

Ed Glinert, the only Manchester tour guide who has worked with Mike Leigh and the great radical activist Paul Foot, has been talking, walking, reading, thinking, sleeping, writing about Peterloo, giving guided tours about Peterloo, giving lectures about Peterloo, for more than 30 years.

Next up, two new Peterloo tours on Sunday 18 November. See the film and then discover all the bits Mike Leigh left out! The first, “Before Peterloo”, at 11.30am from Central Library. And then, can you believe, at 2pm, “After Peterloo”, also from Central Library.

Ed Glinert has rooted out an astonishing array of stories connected with one of the defining events in English political history.
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You’ve made a great choice, logging on to New Manchester Walks, the website of the city’s group of professional tour guides. We have crafted a unique body of walks, talks and tours covering every aspect of history in and around Manchester, the world’s first industrial city – the industrial strength city.

We run a regular programme of public walks (details on this website) and have devised bespoke tours on every subject imaginable – history, art, music, architecture, football, politics…
Here is a sample of some of our hundred-plus tours:
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Welcome to Manchester, the capital of the North, the first city of the Industrial Revolution, the city where modern-day capitalism was created, communism researched, the atom split and the computer invented…THE industrial strength city.
Make your visit special with a tour led by New Manchester Walks, the city’s group of professional guides, We have devised a number of bespoke tours aimed not only at the thousands of visitors pouring into the city, but locals looking to unravel the city’s secrets.
• 7 Wonders of Manchester.
• 7 Manchester Landmarks for Football Fanatics.
• 7 Manchester Music Landmarks – from the Hacienda to Tony Wilson’s pad.
• 7 Politically Sound Manchester Landmarks.
We also have over a hundred detailed tours, covering everything – from the Pankhursts to George Best to L S Lowry to Coronation Street.
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• Stop press. Ed Glinert has discovered shocking new information about the alleged meeting of Rolls and Royce at the Midland Hotel in 1904.
Interestingly, Rolls Royce’s own website fails to mention the Midland! This is part of our original, highly-entertaining and absurdly amusing tour of Manchester’s most famous hotel (after sumptuous refreshments…optional) one Sunday a month and some Monday lunchtimes.
• Book a private tour for your group! We catered for 60 very happy ladies from Wilmslow U3A recently.
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Having discovered that Manchester schools are now, at last, incorporating the wonderful story of how a Manchester family, the Pankhursts, led the campaign to gain women the vote, into their curriculum, we are hoping that you, school organisers, book a Pankhurst tour for older pupils with New Manchester Walks.
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Ed Glinert of New Manchester Walks is launching a new campaign to start protesting against the prominence of the wrong people on the streets of Manchester. It’s time to make the prominent art and statuary in Manchester more reflective of the city’s history of protest and civil rights. In this most left-wing of cities we have more statues of Tories than socialists; more colonialists than progressives.
The campaign begins with a new tour (please book with eventbrite), Uncomfortable Art, Uncomfortable History on Sunday 12 August at noon from the Visitor Centre, Piccadilly Gardens. The tour has been devised by Ed Glinert who has spent 35 years combating injustice in his hard-hitting journalism for City Life and Private Eye, and in books for Penguin, HarperCollins and Random House.

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