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What's happening with New Manchester Walks

Calling schools! We are the only group of Manchester guides who can enrich students on all things Manchester: the Pankhursts, Peterloo, cotton, architecture, art, the industrial revolution…

We’ve been taking more and more groups on educational walking tours, covering all aspects of Manchester history. We do Liverpool as well!

Please e-mail for a great day out for your class.

When I gave a talk on Alan Turing at Manchester Library a few years ago one mother wrote to me and said her daughter thought it the best lesson (of sorts) she’d heard and asked her mum why can’t school be more like that?

Well, that’s because Ed Glinert is the most entertaining speaker in the area, giving talks to a variety of clubs, societies and organisations, on cruise ships and to the Arts Society. That’s it.
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Could you join us to deliver a Manchester Music tour on Saturday afternoons?

We are working with various guiding bodies to offer a FREE (with tips) Manchester music walking tour focussing on the Hacienda Years every Saturday afternoon. The only problem is, we don’t have the guides.

We are looking for a small squad of guides. You don’t have to go on a course to get a coloured badge, but you do have to know your Manchester music history inside out, you do have to have a reasonable knowledge of modern music outside Manchester, you do need to know the difference between “Do The Du” and Husker Du, you do have to play the right sounds at the right location, you do have to be presentable, personable and entertaining, and yes, we will test you!

If you can get past our GCHQ-styled test, then you can earn a wodge by walking “through the city limits”, taking folk from the Hacienda (as was) to the Ritz (as is); from Tony Wilson’s city centre pad to the Lesser Free Trade Hall (well, almost the same spot). The better you perform, the more dosh you will trouser in tips. Simples! And if we get the guides, Visit Manchester will give us a big promo.
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Book an expert tour of Manchester and beyond with our official guides, as we continue to open up Manchester history

Our purpose as tour guides is to open up Manchester history with entertaining, expert, enlightening tours. Our tours are different from the traditional blue badge fayre. For instance we won’t tell you that Rolls and Royce met at the Midland Hotel (they didn’t), we won’t talk about the “three rivers” of Manchester (there are four), we won’t claim that George Orwell called Manchester “the belly and guts of the nation” (he never did), or that the pillar box on Corporation Street is the one that survived the 1996 bomb (it isn’t). The reason why we have to open up Manchester history is because a number of local Blue Badge guides have spent the last 25 years idiotically censoring it!  

You want to get to know Manchester better. Of course you do! It’s the world’s first industrial city (quiet, Birmingham), Britain’s second city (quiet, Birmingham)…
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Ed Glinert will be giving a talk at the Portico Library in the evening of Thursday the 28th of October to mark the 200th anniversary of Thomas de Quincey’s “Confessions of An English Opium-Eater, the first major work of English literature to feature Manchester at length.
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Looking for a witty, entertaining, expert speaker? Ed Glinert, cruise ships speaker and Arts Society lecturer, can offer a hundred talks covering a huge range of subjects

Book Ed Glinert, cruise ships speaker and newly accredited Arts Society lecturer, for your society, U3A, Probus, WI…to give an enthralling talk on all things Manchester, Liverpool, London, whether it be art, architecture or Alan Turing, the Pankhursts, Marx & Engels, the Manchester Docks, Secrets of MI5 and MI6, Underground Manchester, Underground London, How They Built the Atom Bomb, Royal Scandal Down the Ages, and many more.

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7 THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT ANCOATS next FREE tour, Sunday 14 November, 11am

It was Britain’s first industrial suburb, a land of massive mills, smoking chimneys, mean terraced housing with ne’er a tree or blade of grass in sight. That was 1820. Now in 2020 it has been reborn as the main mighty meme of Manchester, high-life Central, with a high-maintenance history. Here is a hit of hot history from the ’hood.
* Next tour is FREE: Sat 13 November 2021, 11am from the Band on the Wall.
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6-9 August 1945, the dropping of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

August 6 and August 9, 1945. The allies drop atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan killing at least 125,000 people and ushering in the atomic age – and Manchester had more involvement in the entire atomic story than almost any other city. Read Ed Glinert’s frightening and fascinating account on this website.
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Guiding in Manchester – Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two groups of guides? Surely you’re all just Manchester tour guides?
We are the official guides of Manchester, the only group of trained guides open to all guides, past present and future. Our group, New Manchester Walks, is run commercially. We believe in taking on new guides, opening up Manchester history, and providing entertaining and informative walks, talks and coach tours, not just in Manchester but beyond – in Liverpool, Knutsford, Haworth, London – using the best possible guides.
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