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What's happening with New Manchester Walks

Zoom your way around the Midland Hotel this Tuesday!

* We can’t tour the Midland Hotel in person because of Covid and building works, and even when you can go in on a tour you find half the rooms booked out for conferences and meetings.
* So take the opportunity to join this ingenious and wonderful alternative.
* Come with Ed Glinert on a full Zoom tour around the hotel, inside and out, into every nook and cranny, to hear every sensational story, from the comfort of your own laptop.
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Don’t Fancy Coming Out? Cruise ships speaker extraordinaire Ed Glinert can host a huge selection of Zoom tours on Manchester or national history for your group

These are just some of the tours we can offer on Zoom:

Alan Turing • Ancoats • Architecture of Manchester • Chetham’s & the Cathedral • Classic Corrie locations • Hacienda Years Music • Jack the Ripper • L. S. Lowry • Manchester Town Hall • Marx & Engels • Midland Hotel • Pre-Raphaelites • Royal Scandal Through the Ages • Secrets of MI5 • Secrets of MI6 • Underground Manchester…and many many more
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Blue Badge Tours & Green Badge Walking Tours of Manchester all year round

Hello everyone. We at New Manchester Walks host public tours most days of the year on a huge variety of subjects and topics. Indeed there is no walks outfit in the country offering such a programme! All of our tours can be booked privately as well. We are operating a full timetable because we want to bring hope, optimism and enjoyment into people’s lives.

Because many people are not coming out at the moment, we are making the effort to go and meet you – via the wonders of Zoom. It’s amazingly easy and it means you can enjoy a tour of say Ancoats or Manchester Town Hall from the comfort of your own laptop!

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We are the experts on Manchester history: Ed Glinert on BBC News

BBC news wanted an expert on the history of Cheetham Hill, Red Bank and Angel Meadow, with particular reference to the legendary Sister Elizabeth Prout, who worked amongst the Victorian poor relieving those most afflicted, so they turned to New Manchester Walks’s Ed Glinert. You can too on any of around a hundred local tours. 
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Discover Manchester’s History

Manchester became the world’s first industrial centre at the end of the 18th century, and within a hundred years was the second city of the empire, a vast commercial and cultural hub, setting for the greatest Town Hall in the country, home of the brilliant newspaper the Manchester Guardian, and an exciting reputation as the home of protest, progression and culture. Hear the full story with Manchester’s expert historian, Ed Glinert.

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It was Britain’s first industrial suburb, a land of massive mills, smoking chimneys, mean terraced housing with ne’er a tree or blade of grass in sight. That was 1820. Now in 2020 it has been reborn as the main mighty meme of Manchester, high-life Central, with a high-maintenance history. Here is a hit of hot history from the ’hood.

Guided tour: Saturday 10 October 2020 at 11.30 from the Band on the Wall.
Please book with eventbrite.
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Official Manchester Tours (the perfect way to learn the city’s history)

New Manchester Walks is the only official, trained, expert group of guides operating commercially in the Manchester area.

Entertaining, exciting guiding: why be bored on a tour?

Our mission is to open up Manchester history to as many people as possible though our tours, walks, talks, articles and books. It’s a bit of a battle, given that Manchester’s history has been severely mistreated for decades…
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Take to the streets, get some exercise, indulge in some brain nourishment. Because we know many of you are apprehensive at going on a packed tour we are welcoming private tours for small groups.

So, if you have a large group, maybe U3A or Probus, or just a group of friends, we can take you out in smaller numbers, one small group at a time. That way everyone gets to go on the tour and everyone feels safe.

Please e-mail or phone 07769 29 8068 for more details.
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