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What's happening with New Manchester Walks

We are the only tour company covering every aspect of Manchester history

You want to get to know Manchester better. Of course you do! It’s the world’s first industrial city (quiet, Birmingham), Britain’s second city (quiet, Birmingham), home of the world’s most famous football team (no, not Real Madrid, come on), the country’s best-loved TV soap (no, not Crossroads), birthplace of the heroic Emmeline Pankhurst, workplace of the equally heroic Alan Turing.
It is also home of the country’s first man-made canal, the world’s first passenger railway, the place that gave us glorious Gothic revival architecture, Pre-Raphaelite paintings, a powerful history of political protest and some of the most exciting music the world has ever heard. This is Manchester – THE industrial strength city. Want to get to know Manchester better? The only solution is to book one of our Zooms or walking tours. There is no alternative.
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Next Walks and Zooms. Booking on Eventbrite

Next Walks
Sun 27 June, Hitler’s Plans for Manchester, 11am from Victoria Station wallmap. 
Sat 27 June, Exploring the Manchester Docks, Salford Quays and Media City, 3pm from Salford Quays Metrolink.

Next Zooms
Wed 23 June, Liverpool’s Wonderful Waterfront, 8pm.
Fri 25 June, George Orwell’s 1984, 6pm.
Fri 25 June, Underground Manchester, 8pm.
Mon 28 June, L S Lowry’s Lonely Life, 6pm.
Mon 28 June, The Pre-Raphaelites of Manchester Art Gallery, 8pm.
Tue 29 June, Manchester Town Hall: the Full Tour, 6pm.
Tue 29 June, Midland Hotel: The Rolls Royce of Zoom tours, 8pm.
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2021 Walking Tours Gift Vouchers. No Time Limit!

That’s your Christmas present sorted then: New Manchester Walks’ gift vouchers which can be redeemed on any tour. No time limit for use. Just make sure the tour is taking place before you set off from Stretford, Salford or Spitzbergen. To buy a gift voucher, please click “Continue reading” here to go to Eventbrite.
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Underground Manchester is so popular because it’s so good! Next outing: Friday 25 June, 8pm

Thank you everybody for making “Underground Manchester: The Full Tour on Zoom” so successful. Next tour: Wed 24 Feb, 7pm.

This is an ingenious tour devised by Ed Glinert and fellow guides who have spent far too long below the streets of the city but have come up for air long enough to host this tour.
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While we can’t go inside the Midland Hotel, join our full-on Zoom tour, Tue 29 June, 8pm.

What an opportunity this is, given that you can’t tour the Midland Hotel in person because of Covid and building works, and even when you can go in on a tour you find half the rooms booked out for conferences and meetings, and the guide telling you nonsense like “this is where Rolls met Royce”.
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Guiding in Manchester – Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two groups of guides? Surely you’re all just Manchester tour guides?
We are the official guides of Manchester, the only group of trained guides open to all guides, past present and future. Our group, New Manchester Walks, is run commercially. We believe in taking on new guides, opening up Manchester history, and providing entertaining and informative walks, talks and coach tours, not just in Manchester but beyond – in Liverpool, Knutsford, Haworth, London – using the best possible guides.
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75 Years Since the Atom Bomb – the Manchester Connection

Here in Manchester, we’re appallingly served by the media. The country’s best magazines, such as The Spectator, are 99% London-oriented, while the Manchester Evening News is obsessed with celebrity nonsense, violence and tat. Anyone who wants to read something interesting, fascinating and eye-opening on Manchester has barely anywhere to go –apart from New Manchester Walks. I was hoping the new Mill would be receptive, but I’m not woke enough or young enough. Great stories are being missed.

Seventy-five years ago in August 1945 two atom bombs were dropped on Japan killing more than two hundred thousand people and bringing an apocalyptic end to the world war that had raged since September 1939. Although the bombs were planned and built in America, Manchester, more than most cities, played a crucial role in the entire story, from the…
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We can now offer 50 Zooms, covering a vast range of subjects: Art, Literature, Music, Politics, Science…and not just in Manchester

Here is New Manchester Walks’ programme of Zoom talk-tours in Manchester, Liverpool, London and around the world that you can book privately for your group. Yes, around the world. Why not?! We are a cosmopolitan company with expert guides stationed all over, taking advantage of this great format. We’re planning Underground Jerusalem soon!).

Alan Turing
Angel Meadow
Art and Life of L. S. Lowry
Beatles Magical Mystery Coach Tour
Elizabeth Gaskell’s Manchester
Formidable Women of Manchester
Liverpool’s Wonderful Waterfront
…and many many more
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