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What's happening with New Manchester Walks

PRE-RAPHAELITE WOMEN OF THE ART GALLERY TOURS (It’s what everyone’s talking about)

See the Nymphs (and a host of Pre-Raphaelite-era women) on our “Pre-Raphaelite Women of Manchester Art Gallery” tours. Regular dates, Thursday evenings at 5.30pm. Please book with eventbrite. Hurry now, before more paintings get put in the storage basement “to prompt debate”.

Who knows what will be found to be “offensive” next in the great works of art on display in the Gallery? Ford Madox Brown’s Work features a prostitute selling oranges. Damn, shouldn’t have told them.
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Here at last is the article you’ve been waiting for about the centenary anniversary of the royal assent being granted to a bill to allow women to vote. We at New Manchester Walks have been singularly unimpressed with the poor standard of articles in the local and national press about this most important topic. Even the Sunday Telegraph managed to bore its readers with their anodyne piece. And as for the Manchester media…they all missed the key points, the most interesting aspects, and the local angle. So now Ed Glinert, expert Manchester tour guide, former Private Eye staffer, and compiler of the forthcoming Manchester Encyclopaedia, has stepped in to offer a vigorous alternative, revealing the extraordinary Manchester connections, linked in with our regular tours on the subject.

Most of the tours sell out quickly but we are adding dates to meet demand.
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New Manchester Walks is delighted to announce the long-awaited return of underground Manchester!

Yes, we will be descending beneath the city streets again on a scintillating subterranean sensationally funny but damned serious new tour: “Underground Manchester: Don’t Mention the War!”

All details of what we’re going to do, where, when and how you can book (only on eventbrite) will be available very soon on our website and Facebook. Tours will probably begin end March.

Until then, beware Nazis in the air, 5th columnists God knows where, GIs on the streets, take refuge in the shelters down below, don’t worry about the nukes, stay calm, don’t panic!
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We host an original, highly-entertaining and absurdly amusing tour of Manchester’s most famous hotel (after sumptuous refreshments…optional) one Sunday a month and every Monday lunchtime (from end March).

We will tell you first about 4 May 1904, the date when Rolls and Royce are believed to have met in the Midland Hotel and decided to go into business together. What a great event in Manchester history. Well, Ed Glinert, Penguin author and prolific Manchester tour guide, has now done some serious research into this story and come up with some startling twists.

This is just one of the reasons why our Midland Hotel tours sell out fast.

So come with us to hear the real story of the hotel: entertaining, enlightening and expertly researched anecdotes about Winston Churchill, John Barbirolli, Michael Collins, Alex Ferguson, Albert Tatlock, the King of Afghanistan, George Best, Johnny Cash, Michael Collins, Van Morrison, Theresa May…

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• Book a private tour for your group! We catered for 60 very happy ladies from Wilmslow U3A recently.
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The Fall were more than just another group. They were an institution. They embodied everything about the Manchester music spirit. They were anarchic, amazing, wildly amusing, incorrigible and effortlessly brilliant. They took on the mantle left by Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart, and twisted it with Northern wit. Who else could write a lyric: “Winston Churchill had a speech imp-p-p-p-p-ediment”? Who else could devise a version of “Jerusalem” that made you weep laughter as the singer tore into the Government – all of them. We will be honouring the main man in our forthcoming music tours in particular Sat 4 Feb, Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll, 11am from the Visitor Centre.
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That’s it folks. No more Town Hall for six years but to remember the great days, dramatic architecture, action-packed events, you will soon be able to buy Ed Glinert’s Town Hall book: Manchester Town Hall: 140 Glorious Years. Available soon from all good book shops – and some shops that aren’t that good.
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We take thousands of people around Manchester (and beyond) a year so we try to make it as simple as possible to attend. Minimum bureaucracy; minimum fuss. Please book through eventbrite for most tours. Eventbrite is one of the world’s biggest ticketing agencies and is incredibly easy to use. Here’s how. You choose the tour you want to go on. There are three different ways to book.
* By name. Go to the Walks & Tours page on our website. Click on the walk you’d like to go on and click the eventbrite link on the page. There should be a direct link to the eventbrite booking page. If there isn’t don’t panic! If there is sufficient demand we will get it up on eventbrite as soon as possible.
* By date. Go to the Calendar on our website. Click on the walk you’d like to go on and click the eventbrite link.
* Go direct to eventbrite. Enter the name of the tour, the city, the date. The more details you put in, the easier it is to find the tour.
That’s it! See you on the streets.
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STUDENT GROUPS, U3A, SOCIETIES, CLUBS, WORKS OUTFIT…book a private tour with us!

What better way to entertain your social club, historical society or corporate clients than with a private New Manchester Walks tour, talk, walk or canal cruise?

So, calling all members and organisers from the U3A, the National Trust, the WI, Probus, come, book an enthralling and entertaining tour with our enthralling and entertaining guides.

Competitive rates…knowledgeable guides. We have access to the largest group of guides in the North-West.
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