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If you don’t fancy a walk, book a talk. What a great idea for your social club, U3A group, Probus set, National Trust outfit, local history society; to book New Manchester Walks’ Ed Glinert to give an illustrated talk on one of a huge variety of subjects. He had 65 people at Central Library for the Town Hall Murals recently and about 150 at Knutsford Methodist Church for Marx & Engels in Manchester.

Glinert is the most entertaining, best informed and wittiest public speaker on the circuit, armed with remarkable stories and unforgettable pictures, and has been a fixture on the talks scene for a number of years, giving regular presentations at Central Library, Gorton Monastery, the St James’s Club and the Portico Library.

Have laptop, Glinert will travel to entertain your group. Our most popular talks:
* The Pankhursts.
* 10 Manchester Inventions That Shook the World.
* Peterloo.
* Royal Scandal Through the Ages.
* The Lonely Life of L. S. Lowry.
* Engels & Marx in Manchester.
* The Manchester Ship Canal.
* Alan Turing.
* The Fenian Hangings of 1867.
* The Secret History of Manchester.
* Manchester architecture (how the city’s main buildings stole their design from existing works).

Here’s a list of Glinert’s latest tours at Central Library, St Peter’s Square.

• Wednesday 9 May
Marx & Engels in Manchester
To commemorate Karl Marx’s 200th birthday, Ed Glinert of New Manchester Walks, who thinks he once belonged to a Trotskyite cell so secret its members communicated using only secret names, relates the movements of Marx and his associate Friedrich Engels through the Victorian city.
• Wednesday 27th June
L. S. Lowry’s Lonely Life
Spurned, snubbed and sniggered at, Laurence Stephen Lowry became Britain’s most famous and best-loved 20th century painter, whose works now sell for millions. He called himself a “simple man”, but he was the strangest of fellows. He never left the British Isles, enjoyed no sexual relations, and made his will over to a much younger woman, whom he befriended simply because she shared his surname. Lowry’s day job was not as an artist, he was a rent collector in the slum areas of the city. Ed Glinert of New Manchester Walks explores the man behind the paintings, and takes you through the Manchester and Salford haunts he visited and depicted.
Tuesday 10th July
The Ford Madox Brown Town Hall Murals explained in detail.
Ed Glinert of New Manchester Walks relates the stories behind the 12 Ford Madox Brown Murals in Manchester Town Hall, currently locked away awaiting restoration, describing the background to each, explaining who sat for the main characters, and outlining the bizarre religious symbolism involved.
Tuesday 7th August – The Peterloo Massacre at 199.
On the 16th of August 1819 Manchester was witness to the most dramatic political incident in British history when 60,000 people meeting at St Peter’s Field, next to where Central Library now stands, were attacked by the military, resulting in at least a dozen deaths and hundreds of injuries. Ed Glinert of New Manchester Walks describes the awful events and the fascinating aftermath.
Tuesday 11th September – Manchester‘s Industrial Legacy.
Manchester was the world’s first modern styled industrial city. Smoking chimneys, steam-powered cotton mills, booming machines, massive engines, Rolls Royce cars, the world’s 1st locomotives, some of the earliest planes were created here. Ed Glinert of New Manchester Walks explains all on this industrial strength talk.