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Welcome to the Northern Powerhouse!

Manchester has become “the most edgy city in England. It’s the go-to, must-have, can’t-leave-out city in Britain today.”

Those are not New Manchester Walks’s words but a quote from Labour Party grandee Lord Mandelson himself. “It’s rapidly becoming, not just the capital of the north,” he continues, “but”, and then he spoils it “the second main city in Britain”.

Northern Powerhouse 2What does he mean “becoming”? Manchester has been England’s [he means England’s, not Britain’s] second main city for over a century. Anyway, back to the man. “Inevitably, like many others. I’m drawn to it. I find Manchester irresistible.”

Well, come on our walks then, Peter! Indeed the only way to really discover Manchester is on a New Manchester Walks walk. We look forward to seeing you.