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The Manchester Bomb

We have all been devastated by the dreadful events at the Manchester Arena and are in a state of shock. We cancelled all walks yesterday, Tuesday 23 May, and have cancelled them today, Wednesday 24 May, as a mark of respect.

Thursday’s Angel Meadow walk can’t take place as we can’t get into the area. It’s postponed until the next slot (Thu 8 June, 6.30pm).

Pre-paid tickets for the Town Hall tour that should have been held on Tuesday 23rd will of course be valid for special future Town Hall dates. At the moment we are not in a position to announce when those dates will be, but they will take place, probably on two separate occasions, over the summer. Everyone who bought a ticket for Tuesday 23 May will be able to use that ticket on those special Town Hall tours.

We have decided to dedicate the proceeds from the annual June 15th IRA bomb walk to an appropriate charity.
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Music Tours (On the Road)

You’ve heard the songs, seen the groups, played the records…now visit the sights and hear the stories where Manchester music history was made on New Manchester Music Tours magic bus trip on the road…

Our set list
* The Hacienda * Salford Lads’ Club * The Ritz * The Cemetery Gates
* The BBC building where Paul failed the audition * The Boardwalk
* Free Trade Hall * “A rented room in Whalley Range” * Paul Heaton’s pub
* Strawberry Studios * Dry Bar * John Cooper Clarke’s Beasley Street
* Church of the Holy Name * Sifter’s record shop * The house where the Smiths were born * The original Factory Records HQ * Tony Wilson’s House.

* This is a 3-hour tour, starting from Albert Square opposite the Town Hall.
* Please book with eventbrite.
Sat 1 July, 10.00am.
Sat 5 Aug, 2.00pm.
Bank Holiday Mon 28 Aug, 2.30pm.
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It’s what you’ve been waiting for: Ed Glinert and co. taking you or your group, club, works outfit, society … around Manchester’s most famous hotel, stamping ground of Winston Churchill, Bob Dylan, Laurence Olivier, Michael Collins, Van Morrison, Theresa May…

Public dates:
• Sun 4 June, 2.30pm or 4pm (!SOLD OUT!).
• Sun 30 July, 2.30pm or 4pm. Tickets on sale with eventbrite.
• Sun 20 August, 2.30pm or 4pm. Tickets on sale with eventbrite soon.
Meet outside the hotel on Peter Street.
• Ideal for private tours for groups of around 20 people.
• Hear the history, soak in the sleek style and lounge in its luxurious locations. What a great way of spending two hours or so!
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There seems to be some confusion about our Town Hall tours. The cost is £8, not £2.50, and that’s for a full tour involving the building’s history, its politics, statues, paintings and architecture. At £8 that is incredible value. £2.50 would diminish the product and undercut the agreed price of official Manchester tours. Get booking, people. You now have less than a year to be taken round Manchester Town Hall before it closes.

* The cost of the main Town Hall tour is £8 and lasts two hours. The Pre-Raphaelites/Murals special is £10 and lasts 3 hours.

Dates, below. Booking with eventbrite.
* Wed 31 May, 11am. Pre-Raphaelites and Murals special.
* Mon 12 June, 10.30am.
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Greetings fellow walkers. The summer programme is now nearly complete and the listings for June and early July are now up on the Calendar page.

We are running a Manchester Highlights tour – the big sights, the main sites – everyday at 1.30pm from the Visitor Centre from 1 June. This is a unique tour of the capital of the North run by professional qualified guides, so don’t be taken by the so-called free tour run by an unqualified “guide”.
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THE 7 WONDERS OF MANCHESTER: Read on for the perfect introduction to the city

Manchester was the first city of the industrial revolution, the city that shaped the modern world, the industrial strength city.

These are the most spectacular sights to be seen, the great treasures of the city, the 7 Wonders of Manchester, each linked with our tours.

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If you don’t fancy a walk, book us for a talk!

Ed Glinert is back giving talks with a monthly slot at Central Library and regular dates at Manchester Cathedral, so book him for your social club, U3A group, Probus set, National Trust outfit or local history society to give an illustrated talk on one of a huge variety of subjects:
* The Pankhursts.
* 10 Manchester Inventions That Shook the World.
* Peterloo.
* Royal Scandal Through the Ages.
* The Lonely Life of L. S. Lowry.
* Engels & Marx in Manchester.
* The Manchester Ship Canal.
* Alan Turing.
* The Fenian Hangings of 1867.
* The Secret History of Manchester.
* Manchester architecture (how the city’s main buildings stole their design from existing works).
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Now is the time for your social club, U3A group, Probus outfit, student body … to book a coach tour with our effortlessly entertaining guides.
There are so many to choose from:
* The Great Treasures of Manchester
* Wild and Wuthering West Yorkshire
* L. S. Lowry’s sights and settings of Salford
* The Beatles’ Liverpool
* Chi-Chi Cheshire
* The History of Manchester United…
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News comes in of the death of Richard Pankhurst, son of Sylvia, arguably Manchester’s greatest ever citizen, who has passed away aged 89 in Ethiopia and might well be afforded a state funeral.

Here’s the piece I’ve written for the Manchester Evening News.

Richard Pankhurst, the only son of Sylvia Pankhurst, the suffragette leader who was one of Manchester’s greatest ever figures, has died aged 89 at his home in Ethiopia…

Calls have gone out to grant the late academic and political agitator a state funeral in the east African country.

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Ancoats: Workshop of the World – SUNDAY 9 APRIL

Next tour: Sun 9 April 2017.
Meet: Outside the Band on the Wall, 1.30pm.

Industry began in Ancoats, a factory hoot from Manchester city centre. In 1700 this had been a semi-rural enclave by the river Medlock, Ancoats Hall home to the lords of the Manchester manor. By 1800 this was a teeming, squalid suburb, blackened with soot, deafened with the noise of thundering machinery, the smell of belching smoke hanging in the air.

The conditions were shocking: the noise of thundering machinery, suffocating air, high accident rates and notorious employment practices at the expense of an emaciated, underpaid workforce slave-driven for unsustainably long hours amidst disease, darkness, damp and desperate heat, living in dingy streets of tiny workers’ houses, jerry-built two-up two down brick boxes standing back-to-back so that as many properties as possible could be squeezed into the smallest of spaces.

The late 20th century saw Ancoats die. The mills shut, the workshops wound down, the canal almost dried up. Now it’s all cleaned up. The mills are modern workshops; the factories smart apartments, while new developments such as the much lauded New Islington project with its funkily named Chips Building and Dutch-styled houses are attracting investment…
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