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New Manchester Walks was shocked, but not surprised to read the hatchet job on Manchester’s Peterloo 200 commemorations in last Saturday’s Times, the small free snippet of which we reproduce from their website.

New Manchester Walks’s Ed Glinert has written a letter to The Times, which follows, righting this latest wrong on Manchester. The editorial bears all the marks of Tory peer Lord (Daniel) Finkelstein who fancies himself as a bit of a Norman Stone but bears closer resemblance in his grasp of history to Norman Wisdom. We get the feeling that The Times’s tirade against Peterloo is more about attacking Manchester for getting too uppity than in redressing history.
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Welcome to Manchester, the capital of the North, the first city of the Industrial Revolution, the city where modern-day capitalism was created, communism researched, the atom split and the computer invented…THE industrial strength city.
Make your visit special with a tour led by New Manchester Walks, the city’s group of professional guides, We have devised a number of bespoke tours aimed not only at the thousands of visitors pouring into the city, but locals looking to unravel the city’s secrets.
• 7 Wonders of Manchester.
• 7 Manchester Landmarks for Football Fanatics.
• 7 Manchester Music Landmarks – from the Hacienda to Tony Wilson’s pad.
• 7 Politically Sound Manchester Landmarks.
We also have over a hundred detailed tours, covering everything – from the Pankhursts to George Best to L S Lowry to Coronation Street.
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Having discovered that Manchester schools are now, at last, incorporating the wonderful story of how a Manchester family, the Pankhursts, led the campaign to gain women the vote, into their curriculum, we are hoping that you, school organisers, book a Pankhurst tour for older pupils with New Manchester Walks.
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Ed Glinert of New Manchester Walks is launching a new campaign to start protesting against the prominence of the wrong people on the streets of Manchester. It’s time to make the prominent art and statuary in Manchester more reflective of the city’s history of protest and civil rights. In this most left-wing of cities we have more statues of Tories than socialists; more colonialists than progressives.
The campaign begins with a new tour (please book with eventbrite), Uncomfortable Art, Uncomfortable History on Sunday 12 August at noon from the Visitor Centre, Piccadilly Gardens. The tour has been devised by Ed Glinert who has spent 35 years combating injustice in his hard-hitting journalism for City Life and Private Eye, and in books for Penguin, HarperCollins and Random House.

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Calling all Probus/U3A/W.I. groups, works outfits, social societies: book a private tour with New Manchester Walks, an umbrella group of official, trained Blue Badge and Green Badge tour guides. We have created a unique and ambitious programme of tours in and around Manchester.

We have taken thousands around the city in recent years on Peterloo, Pankhursts, Pre-Raphaelite, Castlefield, Ancoats, Town Hall, Salford Quays tours, just to name a few.

We also venture to Knutsford, Macclesfield, Haworth, Hebden Bridge and Liverpool.

We pride ourselves on tours that go that bit further with trenchant analysis, witty anecdotes and original research. You thought that Rolls and Royce met at the Midland Hotel? Hear the real story on our Midland Hotel tour? Think again. You thought that the pillar box on Corporation Street is the one that survived the 1996 IRA bomb? Think again, and in the meantime we look forward to meeting you.
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Introducing…The Story of Manchester in 101 Objects. No. 1: Origin of the Name Manchester

Here’s an exciting new series for everyone interested in Manchester history: “The Story of Manchester in 101 Objects” by Ed Glinert, one of Manchester’s most experienced journalists and writers, in conjunction with those good folk from I Love Mcr.

This is a unique chronological history of the world’s first industrial city…the capital of the North, covering every subject imaginable, every major figure, every important location. It will run throughout 2019.
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Open letter to the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister regarding Peterloo

Let’s have a political start to the year: the year of Peterloo 200.

Here is my open letter to the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister, which I will be sending them, regarding Peterloo.


Open Letter to the Conservative Party
from Ed Glinert of Manchester

Dear Prime Minister, Conservative Party Chairman and Conservative Party,

I write this open letter to you from Manchester. My name is Ed Glinert. I am one of the city’s leading historians, most experienced writers, and its most prolific tour guide. This 2019 major commemorations will be taking place on Friday 16 August to mark the 200th anniversary of the most tragic and violent political event in British history, the Peterloo Massacre of 16 August 1819.

That day …
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That’s it folks. No more Town Hall for six years but to remember the great days, dramatic architecture, action-packed events, you will soon be able to buy Ed Glinert’s Town Hall book: Manchester Town Hall: 140 Glorious Years. Available soon from all good book shops – and some shops that aren’t that good.
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STUDENT GROUPS, U3A, SOCIETIES, CLUBS, WORKS OUTFIT…book a private tour with us!

What better way to entertain your social club, historical society or corporate clients than with a private New Manchester Walks tour, talk, walk or canal cruise?

So, calling all members and organisers from the U3A, the National Trust, the WI, Probus, come, book an enthralling and entertaining tour with our enthralling and entertaining guides.

Competitive rates…knowledgeable guides. We have access to the largest group of guides in the North-West.
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This Saturday, 21 April, Tony Wilson’s Manchester

Tony Wilson never wrote a song, sang one or played an instrument. Yet he created the modern Manchester music scene. He made things happen; he cajoled people into doing important things. He harried, encouraged, pushed, promoted. It might be fair to say without him Manchester’s music history might have stopped with Sad Café.

As part of the Manchester Heroes and Heroines weekend in April, Fri 20– Sun 22 we honour one of the most popular figures in recent Manchester history: a vainglorious, proud, arrogant, infuriating but genius impresario.

* 11.30am, HOME Arts Centre. No need to book.
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