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It’s Britain’s most famous TV street, home of the country’s best loved soap, celebrating its 56th birthday this day. It’s Coronation Street, land of cobbles, factories, terraced houses, corner shop and the Rovers Return pub. If you want to visit Coronation Street locations and sites in the Greater Manchester area, this is an ingenious way! We will be taking Manchester’s ever popular transport system, Metrolink (note we’re running this on a Friday, when there won’t – we trust – be any so-called “improvement” works going on), to get about the city and suburbs from Corrie site to Corrie site.

This is some of our itinerary:
* Richard Hillman’s watery grave.
* Weatherfield Registry Office.
* Corrie’s birthplace.
* Granadaland.
* Cropper Corner.
* Fiz’s restaurant.

This is a long tour, with a bit of tram transport (fortunately not the one that fell off the viaduct).
* Meet Ashton-under-Lyne Metrolink stop, 10.30am.

* The tour is hosted by Ed Glinert who led the campaign to get the old Granada set re-opened, who has guided on the new set in Trafford Park (but not on this occasion) and who hosts events with the stars (with Kemptville Travel).

* Of course we can’t guarantee that you’ll bump into one of the stars as we stroll round, but on a recent tour we did amble past Bruno Langley (at which point one lady shouted out: “Oi, Todd!”, and he waved). So there.