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Anti-Semitic Campaign Against New Manchester Walks by Tour Guide Kate Dibble

This is Kate Dibble, “fellow” Manchester tour guide. Kate doesn’t do any tours, but she has spent the best part of the last 15 years trying to stop New Manchester Walks’ Ed Glinert from doing tours. Kate has been instrumental in banning and excluding Glinert from every single guiding group he has a right to belong to – Manchester Guided Tours, the rota to do Discover Manchester, the rota to do the Town Hall tour, the Guild of Manchester Tour Guides and the North-West Association of Tour Guides.


Because Ed Glinert is Jewish, and Kate and her friends don’t want a Jew in their circle. This is the age-old gentile freezing out of a Jew from social and works groups

Kate is now being investigated by Marketing Manchester, the British Guild of Tourist Guides, the national Institute of Tourist Guiding and various Jewish representative groups. The press are keen on this, part of a much bigger story.

Well done, Kate!

By the way, members of the public, she is also one of a dwindling number of Manchester Blue Badge guides who has stopped new people from becoming Manchester Blue Badge guides since 1996. Thoroughly corrupt.