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Come with us around the streets of Weatherfield to mark 60 Years of Coronation Street on this Classic Corrie Locations Coach Tour on ZOOM


Coronation Street celebrates 60 glorious years on Wednesday the 9th of December and we are marking the occasion with a new tour: “Classic Corrie Coach Tour on Zoom”.

So whether you live in Windsor, Winnipeg, Wooka Wooka or Weatherfield you can join legendary tour guide Ed Glinert, one of the very few official Manchester tour guides who has taken groups down the cobbles, on a rip-roaring, mind-blowing, eye-opening trail through the great stories from Coronation Street’s golden days at the places where they were filmed:

• Richard Hillman driving the Platt family into the drink.

• Alan Bradley run over by a Blackpool tram.

• The original prototype for Coronation Street – Ordsall’s Archie Street.

• St Christopher’s, Weatherfield, where so many happy marriages began.

• Weatherfield Register office, where so many happy marriages began…you get the drift.

• Weathefield Quays where Don Brennan in his taxi drove him and Alma into the watery depths.

• The now-demolished studios in Granadaland.

• The Manchester pub where the name “Coronation Street” was devised.


and more…until Jack and Vera call “last orders”


The anniversary

On Wednesday the 9th of December 2020 it will be exactly 60 years since Elsie Lappin (no, not Elsie Tanner) told Florrie Lindley “Now the next thing you want to do is get in a signwriter in. That sign above the door will have to be changed.”

The format

• You, the Corrie lover pay official Manchester tour guide Ed Glinert the grand sum of £7.50 English pounds.

• Before the tour you receive your Zoom, invite.

• Just before 4pm on Wednesday the 9th of December 2020 you log in and then for the next hour-plus you are transported to the streets of Weatherfield disguised as Manchester and Salford as if you were on a coach.

• The good news is, you don’t have to leave your house to get a plane to Manchester Airport or a tram (that might crash into the Bistro) to Weatherfield North to come on the tour.

• It’s less than half the price and twice as much fun.

• We might have a break en route so that you can go to the fridge and open a can of Newton & Ridley’s finest.