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Come to Manchester! Radical tours, Hacienda-era Music Tours, Architecture Tours, Cultural Tours & Much More

Manchester is now the up-coming destination for city visitors, overseas groups, the U3A, political organisations, football fans and so many others looking for a holiday or visit that’s infinitely more interesting than lying on a beach or playing golf.

So book with the city’s official tour guides, led by Ed Glinert, Manchester’s leading historian, veteran of 5,500 local tours, for a tour or package that will maximise your visit, thrill you with fascinating history and open up the world’s first and leading industrial city – whatever your field of interest.

Radical Tours: Eye-opening stories on the trail of the Pankhursts, Marx & Engels, Peterloo, the fascist Mosley…

Hacienda-era Music: Tours covering the Smiths’ Manchester, Joy Division’s Manchester, Tony Wilson’s Manchester, Manchester in 10 Songs, and the Hacienda era tour itself

The Making of Manchester: How a “mere village”, in the words of Daniel Defoe, became the world’s first industrial city, leading the way with so many firsts and inventions, from the world’s first railway to vegetarianism; from splitting the atom to the first computer.

Cultural Tours of Manchester: The newspapers advertise these for Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath and Oxford, but miss out Manchester. Why? As a walk or a series of walks, we will explore the Manchester of Dickens, the Halle, De Quincey, the Pre-Raphaelites, Elizabeth Gaskell and Lowry.