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We take thousands of people around Manchester (and beyond) a year so we try to make it as simple as possible to attend. Minimum bureaucracy; minimum fuss.

You dont need to register as some have suggested!

In the past we just asked people to turn up, without any prior booking, but this didn’t work. People wanted to book. So we now ask you to book through eventbrite for most tours. This means you don t have to find the right change and the guide doesn’t have to walk the streets laden with cash. Also, we want to avoid you coming on a tour to find you’re the only person there, so we’re cutting out the unpopular tours. We seem to know what they are after fourteen years of guiding in Manchester, Liverpool and London. Tours work better if there are people on it. 10, 15, 25… Recently we’ve had those sort of numbers for the Pankhursts, Ancoats, John Rylands Library, Marx & Engels, Peterloo, The Dark Side of Liverpool…

Eventbrite is one of the world’s biggest ticketing agencies, and is incredibly easy to use. Here’s how. You choose the tour you want to go on. There are three different ways to book.

* By name. Go to the Walks & Tours page on our website. Click on the walk you’d like to go on and click the eventbrite link on the page. There should be a direct link to the eventbrite booking page. If there isn’t don’t panic! If there is sufficient demand we will get it up on eventbrite as soon as possible.

* By date. Go to the Calendar on our website. Click on the walk you’d like to go on and click the eventbrite link.

* Go direct to eventbrite. Enter the name of the tour, the city, the date. The more details you put in, the easier it is to find the tour.

That’s it! See you on the streets.