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That’s your birthday/Christmas/Barmitzvah present problems solved!

Buy, buy, buy a New Manchester Walks gift voucher, redeemable on any of our hundred-plus tours in and around the world’s greatest industrial city (no, not Birmingham), except Underground Manchester (which sells out quickly and coach tours, obv).

Yeah, yeah, I know. That still leaves a hundred: John Rylands Library, Ancoats, Didsbury, Angel Meadow, the Pankhursts, Peterloo, Marx & Engels, the Northern Quarter, Architecture, Art and, er, a few more. If in doubt ask a policeman.


To use the voucher, print it out, drop it down the back of the settee, extract it later, stick it in your pocket and offer it to the guide. But please please please, as James Brown sang, check the walk is actually taking place on our website and where it starts from. Don’t just go to the Library.

Merry festivities.

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