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Peterloo 200 might be almost over, but the story continues…

Many thanks to the 274 people who came on our expert tours Friday and Saturday, and the 20 on Sunday to discover the joys of Howard Spring’s Peterloo-ish novel, “Fame is the Spur”.

Now it gets really interesting. The aftermath of Peterloo: the arrests, trials, the government tightening the law with the Six Acts, the failure of Thomas Paine’s bones to make it to Manchester (see the Working Class Movement Library Project), the Cato Street Conspiracy, the Great Reform Bill, the Chartists, the Henry Hunt Memorial. It goes on forever…right up to today.

Our political tours continue. If you missed the Expert Peterloo Massacre tour, the next is Sat 5 October, 2.30pm from Central Library. On Sunday 1 December we will be running a new timely tour: Thomas Paine’s Bones and Other Bizarre Rebel Stories from the TfGM office in Piccadilly Gardens at 11.30am.

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