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Left-Wing Manchester – From German Fred to Red Ed

Next tours: This tour has now been subsumed into the Marx & Engels, Pankhursts and Peterloo tours.
Bring: A copy of Clause IV. More apt than Mao’s Little Red Book.

How apt that the People’s History museum is located in Manchester on the left bank (sic) of the River Irwell.

But why are there more statues of Tories – Wellington and Peel – than socialists within its boundaries? (Well, we do do a Right-Wing Manchester walk as well as a Left-Wing one!).

This walk traces the development of Manchester as a city of protest, looking at the story of the Suffragettes, the Peterloo Massacre, the Chartists and assorted Trots, radicals and free-thinkers.

RevolutionPeterloo - Women