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Pubs of Old Manchester

Next tour: No public dates yet. 
Start: Malmaison Hotel main entrance, No. 3 Piccadilly, 6pm.

These are the pubs that time forgot, where Manchester floats on a sea of mild and bitter, and gastro means Holt’s rather than haute cuisine.

We will probably go to Mother Mac’s, which is so bloody hard to find in the first place; you’re never likely to chance past the place given its back street location. Older, odder and even harder to find is the Jolly Angler, odder because it closes in the afternoons, like proper boozers used to in the good old days before the licensing laws were loosened. They might open up for us though.

The Pubs of Old Manchester walk harks back to the days when a pub was gratifyingly free of screaming kids, where visibility was through a haze of Capstan, and when the music was provided by a wizened pianist not an endless loop of U2’s “Pride In The Name of Love”.

Now drink up; it’s your round!

Pubs of Old Manchester