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Madchester: Tales of Rock n Roll Excess

Next tour: Sat 10 November 2018, 3pm, Manchester Visitor Information Centre. SORRY, CANCELLED TIL THE SPRING. NO TAKERS.
Come drink in a cocktail of excess and revelry drunk by those overdosing on their own egos and out to lunch in their own lifetimes on this irreverent, Rabelasian, rabble-rousing tour.

Here are tales of million pound recording budgets blown up and out of the nose, and of once-revered men brought down by their libidos.

Yes, it’s the seamy, seedy, sleazy, sexy, sordid side of the music business with a cast list that includes Mark E. Smith, Barney, the Happy Mondays, those lovely Gallagher boys and the Unmentionable One.

Ed Glinert takes a walk on the wild side.

Sex - DurySex - No