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City of the Dead/Bring Out the Bodies

Next public tour: Wed 21 December 2016.
Victoria Station wallmap (on top of the old graveyard), 6pm.
Ideal: for a private booking…if you want your group to have nightmares.







Tragic deaths.
Accidental deaths.
Hoax deaths.
Bloody deaths.
Death by hanging.
Death by shooting.
Instant death.
Slow, tortuous death.

These are gruesome, ghastly and ghostly stories, especially when they involve those who weren’t supposed to be dead. Take the case of Manchester man John Beswick. He woke up some time in 1750 to find himself in a confined space, and then realised it was his own coffin. He banged on the roof and was rather relieved to find a crowd of people on the other side ready to release him. They were the mourners at his funeral. He wasn’t dead, just very tired.

His sister, Hannah, was so mortified of being similarly buried alive she asked a local doctor, Charles White, to check her corpse regularly once she had expired. In return she made a hefty donation to Dr White’s new infirmary, what is now the MRI in Chorlton-on-Medlock. Once looked as if Hannah had expired the doctor made sure by pickling her in vinegar and stuffing the body into a grandfather clock in her own house in east Manchester where the servants could check on her every day. Hannah Beswick remains dead.

This is just one of many deathly stories we’ve dug up and revived for this chilling tour.