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Secret History of Manchester

Next tours. Meet at the Visitor Centre, Piccadilly Gardens:
• Friday 9 March 2018, 5.30pm. SOLD OUT.
• Friday 16 March 2018, 5.30pm. SOLD OUT.
• Friday 23 March 2018, 5.30pm. SOLD OUT.
• Friday 6 April 2018, 6pm. NEARLY SOLD OUT Please book here with eventbrite.
• Friday 11 May 2018, 6pm. NEW DATE Please book here with eventbrite.

Here’s something you didn’t know (we hope). During the Second World War the Government requisitioned a well-known building in Manchester city centre to be a secret regional HQ, to take over the running of not just Manchester but the entire North-West should Nazi invasion look imminent.

It was kitted out with the most sophisticated communications equipment, food and beds. Winston Churchill, prime minister, even kipped there one night to show how safe it was. But of course it was never needed. Where is it? Ah…

This is a trip into the deepest historical secrets of Manchester. Sites, streets, spaces that you’ve walked past a thousand times will never look the same again. The tour is conducted by Ed Glinert who knows Manchester better than anyone and knows the things that nobody else (apart from the people who told him) knows.