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Latest: Guided Tours During the New Lockdown

Right now, as of Wednesday the 11th of November, following various advice, we are not going to be hosting any real-life guided walks for a few weeks. We were hoping for some advice from the powers that be but nothing has been forthcoming.

When we do resume, our guides will do everything we can to comply with the latest measures, as we are aware how many people want to escape the frustration and ennui of sitting at home all day.

So what we are going to do is shunt those tours that people have bought tickets for into December. That’s the Bridgewater Canal and Southern Cemetery. New dates to be decided. Decision pending for the Marx & Engels tours that have been arranged to commemorate Engels’s 200th birthday.

We’re still trying to find the time to arrange Zoom talk-tours on:
* The Smiths
* Manchester Music coach tour
* Marx & Engels in Britain and Europe
* Manchester Town Hall
* The Midland Hotel

which will allow us to provide the type of tour that is impossible even in non-Covid times.

Going back to walking tours. We will follow tourist board advice. Remarkably there is no legitimate body speaking for Manchester tour guides and the North-West association is beyond the pale.