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Town Hall Clock Tower Tours

Next tours: Sadly, for now the tours have had to be suspended due to repair work.
Starting times: Various; mainly 10.45am, 12.45pm, 2.45pm. Some later slots.
Booking: Please book with 0843 208 0500.
Can I just turn up? There might be one or two spaces on the day, but as the tour has only 15 spaces and sells out fast it’s best to book ahead.
Duration: About 75 minutes.
Do I need to be sprightly, fit and active? Yes. There are hundreds of steps!
Meet: Just inside Manchester Town Hall’s Lloyd Street entrance.
Cost: £10.

How the tour works:

• We meet just inside the Lloyd Street entrance.
• We take you outside, into Albert Square, to have a good look at the Clock Tower from street level, and to explain its design and detail. You’ll be standing inside that space later.
• We hope to be outside on the hour, to hear the great bell: Great Abel. (An hour later you will be standing underneath the blighter as he does his blasts).
• We will then return to the Town Hall and head to the top of Manchester’s most famous building.
• On opening a secret wooden door we will ascend the spirally stone steps into a magical world of clinks, clangs and chimes, of booms and bells.
• We ogle the finely-tuned mechanics of the clock works and literally see how time itself moves on.
• As we head through this secluded and semi-secret sector of the soaring city we relate tales of time itself, of how Britain came to be the home of time and Manchester’s timely role in this.

• Heading upwards, we stand behind the giant minute and hour hands. Then we head up to enjoy extraordinary views of Manchester from the open-air catwalk and stand under the great bell itself as it booms its top-of-the-hour hour strikes.

The Manchester Town Hall Clock Tower tour is a mind-boggling meander around one of Manchester’s most magnificent treasures.
But it’s more than that; it’s a temporal trip into the very mysteries of Time. 


Don’t be late; time waits for no one.

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