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While a rival group of Manchester guides has cancelled all tours, we are working harder than ever to offer a respite from lockdown. Join us on Zoom

Despite lockdown we are working flat out to provide a respite from the horrors of Covid with a host of Zoom talk-tours, devised by Ed Glinert, Manchester’s most energetic and best-researched historian.

We are also revising our walking tours for a new programme of walking tours linked with Manchester charities post-lockdown.

So while we can’t tour the streets right now physically, we can take you there virtually thanks to the ingenious technological invention of Zoom. We also have original Zoom tours for Liverpool, Yorkshire and that London.

Our Zooms: more to come

Angel Meadow
Elizabeth Gaskell’s Manchester
Formidable Women of Manchester
Hidden Gems of Manchester
Intellectual Manchester Pub Tour
Manchester Architecture
Manchester Music Coach Tour
Manchester and Slavery
Manchester in 12 Songs
Marx & Engels
Midland Hotel
Northern Quarter
Pankhursts of Manchester
Pre-Raphaelites of Manchester Art Gallery
Secret History of Manchester
Strangeways: No Escape
Town Hall: The Full Tour (even though there’s no access till 2024).
Underground Manchester

Beyond Manchester
Alan Turing
Ghosts of Wuthering Heights
How They Built the Atom Bomb
Royal Scandal Through the Ages

Beatles’ Liverpool Coach Tour
Hidden Gems of Liverpool
Liverpool’s Wonderful Waterfront

Charles Dickens’s London
George Orwell’s 1984
Jack the Ripper – Case Solved
Jewish East End
Rock ’n’ Roll London Coach Tour
Rolling Stones London
Samuel Pepys’s London
Secrets of MI5
Secrets of MI6
Sherlock Holmes Investigates
Stories Behind the Crown
Underground London

See you on your computer!