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These are the 4 Manchester guides who have been staging a 15-year anti-Semitic campaign to stop Ed Glinert working

Ed Glinert here. I would advise all those interested in going on Manchester tours to avoid the organisation “Manchester Guided Tours” run by Jean Bailo, Pauline Lloyd, Kate Dibble et al. They are an institutionally anti-Semitic body that operates an apartheid system against the city’s only Jewish guide – me – banning and excluding me from every single guiding group and programme I am entitled to belong to. When I examine their corrupt behaviour, it is easy to see how the Post Office bosses got away with theirs for so many years. So that the public knows what is happening, here is an explanation.

Pauline Lloyd is a vile, vicious bully.
She became a Manchester tour guide to join committees rather than take people around the streets of Manchester.

When she discovered that Ed Glinert was Jewish, she started to make his life a misery, throwing him out of every Manchester guiding programme in existence.

She has no humanity, no warmth, no basic decency. She is the kind of individual who should have been born in Germany in the early years of the 20th century. She would have fitted in perfectly.

Ed Glinert has constantly tried to talk to her to find why she is behaving so but she refuses to communicate.


Kate Dibble’s greatest achievement as a Manchester tour guide was to wreck Ed Glinert’s plan for a music tour that all the guides could do to earn money. Glinert spent two whole days preparing the script and planning the stops, which he handed over at a meeting in the Town Hall Tavern. Dibble and her useless partner, Jean Bailo, turned up half-way through drunk, took the piss, and refused to promote the tour. Thanks for wasting my time, Kate.


One of the carrots in paying more than £2,000 to become a so-called “official” Manchester tour guide (with a pointless Green Badge which nobody understands) was to be included on the rota to do the regular Discover Manchester tour. Nevertheless Jean Bailo, another committee freak who attends more pointless meetings than does tours, excluded Glinert from the rota while including 30 other guides. When Glinert first did his first Manchester Town Hall tour, Jean Bailo turned up to tell him he couldn’t do it because with a Green Badge he wasn’t “qualified” (read: she wanted his customers). And what do you know?, a few months later, she is supporting all the Green Badge guides were doing the Town Hall tour – apart from Glinert. Ironically Jean Bailo herself has been unable to get the names of the Town Hall statues right and has no idea why some of them are there! Incompetent, corrupt and useless.


As soon as Ed Glinert discovered that Elizabeth Charnley was a new Manchester guide, he offered her work at Salford Quays, near where she lives. Her response was to accuse him of “insulting” her. A little while later, Charnley summoned Glinert for a meeting to expel him from the North-West Association of Tour Guides for the crime of being Jewish. At that meeting Elizabeth Charnley, who had never met Glinert, was seething with venom, like something out of a horror film. There is no excuse for such behaviour. She is clearly a deeply disturbed and psychopathic individual.


These four women want Glinert to stop guiding in Manchester simply because he is Jewish. Ironically, their vitriolic campaign has worked against the other guides. They have spent 15 years refusing to let Glinert create a North-West website which would earn all the guides more money. Neither of these four women are fit to be Manchester guides, although fortunately they don’t actually do tours; they simply sit on committees issuing directives which no one takes any notice of. Glinert has been pleading with them for 15 years to find out what the problem is but they refuse to talk to him.