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How To Attend Our Walks, Tours, Talks, Cruises

We have a new system in place, details of our walks, tours, talks and cruises are on-line only. The only paper leaflet out there just says who we are and what we do.

So, to find out what we’re offering each day, please go to the website Walks Calendar.

The Calendar is now available to June 2016, except for Manchester Town Hall tours, which will be added as sonn as we get the dates confirmed as explained elsewhere. If we give tours enough lead-in time we’ll get people; if we flag them up a day before we won’t!
• Of course we will do everything in our power not to remove anything that’s been up there for more than a few days.

Walks info
You can find out more information on our walks & tours by checking our calendar or if you would like to know more historical background about a tour, please click on “Walks & Tours” tab. There the vast majority of our offerings are divided into easily identifiable categories (Peterloo under Politics, Ancoats under Places) with long, detailed, beautifully-written descriptions.

The question we get asked the most is “Do I need to book?” Well, it all depends on which tour. There has to be a system for the Town Hall tour which wouldn’t apply to anything else, given that we can’t just walk into the place like we can Central Library. For the canal cruise and Clock Tower tour, as places are obviously limited, it’s booking only (via Quaytickets).

For a brand new tour such as “The 7 Wonders of Manchester”, we have no idea how popular it is going to be. To gauge popularity it would be nice if you could drop us an e-mail saying you intend coming. People are already doing that.

For 95% of what we do – just turn up! If there’s a group (10+ of you, please let us know in advance.

Please check!
• Please please please check check check the website before leaving for a tour to make sure the information you had originally is still correct – that the walk hasn’t been cancelled due to icy streets or a sinkhole appearing (!).

We’ve had people turn up from Wolverhampton, with a print out from the website, angry that they had arrived in Manchester two days previously for a tour only to find no guide. What went wrong? They had photocopied a page from the website in the five seconds that the administrator had it “live” before realising the date of the tour was wrong!

See you soon
Ed Glinert