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DRAFT What we have invented tourism in Manchester with 100 tours and talks!

They said it couldn’t be done.

They said there was no market for tours in Manchester.

They said no one was interested in Manchester history

We started the year with The Masterpieces of Manchester on Tue 4 Jan (Central Library, 11.30am), Southern Cemetery Wed 5 Jan (main gates, 11.30am), the Pankhursts Sat 8 (Emmeline statue, 11.30am), Manchester Music Sat 8 (HOME, 2pm) and Angel Meadow Sun 9 Jan (Victoria Station wallmap, 11.30am).

Yes, they’re free to register, but as we’re not paid by the council, the tourist board, a multi-national company, or indeed anyone, we hope you can part with a few shekels at the end and throw them into the guide’s hat!

—Ed Glinert—