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There’s Left-Wing; There’s Right-Wing; There’s New Manchester Walks’s Political Tours

Our political tours go that bit further. That’s because Ed Glinert has been working as a political journalist, author and commentator since 1981. He has written for the New Statesman, Sunday Times, Independent and spent ten years at Private Eye.

These are our three main political tours:

  • The Peterloo Massacre. We go beyond simply relating the events of the day. We examine the shocking aftermath: the Cato Street Conspiracy’ the affair of Tom Paine’s bones; the story of what happened to the first Peterloo Memorial of 1842.
  • The Pankhursts’ Suffragette City. Yes, why did the two main political parties not want women to have the vote? We explain why the women disrupted the Free Trade Hall rally called by the Liberal opposition (not government!) in 1905 and how the campaign then became more militant.
  • Engels & Marx in Manchester. Our guide, Ed Glinert, not only used to belong to a secretive Trotskyite cell in Hulme in the early 1980s with comrades only known by their aliases, he also worked with Francis Wheen on his famed biography of Karl Marx.