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Book an expert tour of Manchester and beyond with our official guides, as we continue to open up Manchester history

Our purpose as official tour guides is to open up Manchester history with entertaining, expert, enlightening tours.

Although we’re open to all guides, our tours are different from the traditional blue badge fayre that they’ve been offering in Manchester. For instance we won’t tell you that Rolls and Royce met at the Midland Hotel (they didn’t), we won’t talk about the “three rivers” of Manchester (there are four), we won’t claim that George Orwell called Manchester “the belly and guts of the nation” (he never did), or that the pillar box on Corporation Street is the one that survived the 1996 bomb (it isn’t). The reason why we have to open up Manchester history is because a number of local Blue Badge guides have spent the last 25 years idiotically censoring it!

You want to get to know Manchester better. Of course you do! It’s the world’s first industrial city (quiet, Birmingham), Britain’s second city (quiet, Birmingham), home of the world’s most famous football team (no, not Real Madrid, pay attention), the country’s best-loved TV soap (no, not Crossroads), birthplace of the heroic Emmeline Pankhurst, workplace of the equally heroic Alan Turing, setting for the country’s first man-made canal, the world’s first passenger railway, the place that gave us glorious Gothic revival architecture, Pre-Raphaelite paintings, a powerful history of political protest and some of the most exciting music the world has ever heard.

This is Manchester – the industrial strength city. Want to get to know Manchester better? The only solution is to book one of our walking tours or Zooms.