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Hangman’s Manchester

Next tour: No public dates.
Private Tours: Please send an s.a.e. to Mr. Albert Pierrepoint, Landlord, The Help The Poor Struggler alehouse, 303 Manchester Road, Oldham.
Meet: People’s History Museum, Bridge Street.

Manchester can boast of being the city where the last hanging took place, that of Gwynne Owen Evans at Strangeways prison on Thursday 13 August 1964.

For some reason or other it’s not something the city council boasts about in its tourism literature.

Manchester should not have been the setting for this, the last state-decreed hanging. (Last before it becomes law again, that is). The government announced that Manchester and Liverpool would hang two murderers simultaneously, but the screws at Strangeways…well, you’ll have to come on the walk to find out what happened, and to to hear about all the other horrific happenings at the end of the noose.

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