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The Beatles’ Liverpool

Next walking tour: Tuesday 12 October 2021, 2.30pm.
This is a FREE tour (so please do tip) to mark the 50th anniversary of the release of John Lennon Imagine album.
Meet: Ken Dodd statue, Lime Street station.
Booking: Please press here to book with Eventbrite.

Missing your ticket to ride around Liverpool? Has your day tripper been put on hold? Well now we’ve found you a driver and that’s a start.

Join the North’s most prolific tour guide, Ed Glinert, former Mojo Production editor and author of Fodor’s Rock ’n’ Roll Traveller books, on this “Beatles’ Liverpool” Zoom coach tour.

We will take the long and winding road on this magically mysterious tour to visit all the places they’d remember, without the wah-wah of traffic jams or the need for a docker’s umbrella if the rain comes.

It’s been a long time. Now we’re coming back home, to…

* The Cavern.

* The Eleanor Rigby statue.

* The shabby flat where John Lennon dossed.

* Brian Epstein’s rather more comfortable apartment.

* The Inny where George and Paul went to school.

* Ye Cracke pub, haunt of John and Stu, where we will virtually order a “Creme tangerine and montelimar/A ginger sling with a pineapple heart” for our “coffee desert”.

* Penny Lane.

* Strawberry Field(s).

* 251 Menlove Avenue.

* Paul’s gaffe nearby.

* Eleanor Rigby’s grave.

Meanwhile, if there’s anything that you want or anything that you need…contact Ed Glinert, New Liverpool Walks, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, on 07769 29 8068.