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Football Pub Walk – Booze, Brawls, Babes and Pints of Best

Next tour: No dates yet.
Private tour: Ideal for the discerning fan(s)!
Meet: time tbc at the Malmaison Hotel, 3 Piccadilly (the former Imperial Hotel, where the PFA was founded a hundred years ago).

Football is a thirsty business, which is probably why some of the greatest players to grace the game liked to drink…to excess. But whereas your typical sleek Italian striker appreciates a sophisticated glass of chianti imbibed imperiously and elegantly, yer balding bog-standard British half-back will just want to down the odd pint or fifteen of best bitter.

On the football pub walk we crawl the city centre streets in search of the best football stories that can accompany both the chilled chianti and the best bitter brigade. Oh, and talking of Best, he liked a drink…

Football - Booze3