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No more free tours after 26 June!

Hi folks.
The free tour experiment is drawing to a close.
It’s not worked.
The final blow was this last fortnight.
* 115 people registered for the Hacienda 40th anniversary tour on 21 May – 12 turned up.
* 23 people registered for Strangeways last Saturday – no one turned up.
* 79 people registered for The Smiths this Sunday – eight turned up.
* I’ve been more or less put off ever doing Angel Meadow again after 32 registered and no one turned up in October and 28 registered last time and no one turned up.
It seemed like a good idea at the time, to get people out after Covid, but we’re now going back to the old system, which worked so well.
* A number of people have told me that they’re happy to pay in advance and that the free enticement makes people think the tour aint very good, when in fact these are the best tours you’ll ever go on!