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Today’s Strangeways disaster

No, we didn’t run into Joey Barton or Jim McDonald.

There were 23 registrations for this morning’s tour (Saturday 4 June) and at the starting time, 11am at Victoria Station wallmap, no one was there!

What a waste of everyone’s time.

I’ve been doing these tours for free but one or two people are spoiling it for everyone.

To add insult to injury, one lady, whose name I shall withhold because I’m a nice person, thought it really funny to insult me by e-mail later. Apparently she didn’t approach me, even though she was there and was watching me from the other side of the road, because:
* She was expecting a crowd.
* I wasn’t obviously identifiable as a guide. “As the guide [I] should be easily identifiable.
* She wasn’t prepared to approach a random man.
*  I was carrying a shopping bag.

I spot scam!

* She was expecting a crowd.
There was no crowd because no one turned up!

* “I wasn’t obviously identifiable as a guide.”
If she was standing well away from me, frightened by my presence, how did she know whether or not I was wearing my badge. It’s very easy to spot the guide. They’re the person standing at the appointed place at the appointed time, armed with notes and a tablet for pictures, waiting for people to arrive.
Easily identifiable? I wonder how. A multi-coloured umbrella? A giant sign? A pet alpaca? Come on. This is not a valid excuse. I was the only person there.

* She wasn’t prepared to approach a random man..
She was afraid of approaching me. Me? The kindest, nicest, most generous and friendly person going. I’m not Reggie Kray.

*  I was carrying a shopping bag.
I had stayed the night in Hebden Bridge, then rose at the crack of dawn to get the train and replacement bus. I was carrying notes and a tablet to ensure a quality tour plus clothes, some toiletries, food for the long journey and books to read.

Like I’ve said. I spot scam!

The only way to sort this is to charge in advance as some people alas are ruining it for everyone else.