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Vindictive and Insane Campaign Against New Manchester Walks’ Ed Glinert by “fellow” tour guide Elizabeth Charnley

This is Elizabeth Charnley, “fellow” Manchester tour guide. Elizabeth doesn’t do any tours, but is a member of every guiding committee going. Suffice to say, these committees are as much useless as chocolate teapots, and have no relevance to New Manchester Walks’ 15-year campaign to open up Manchester history to locals and visitors, however Elizabeth Charnley is determined to stop New Manchester Walks’ Ed Glinert from guiding in Manchester.

Why? Glinert has no idea. When he first discovered Elizabeth had qualified as a new guide a few years ago, he immediately offered her tours of Salford Quays, near where she lives. Her response was to organise a committee meeting (surprise, surprise) to ban Glinert from guiding. She summoned Glinert to a meeting as if she was Mary Queen of Scots about to scold Lord Darnley.

Ed Glinert mistakenly went to this meeting where she claimed Glinert had insulted her. Nothing could be further from the truth. She then expelled him from the North-West Association of tour guides with a relish that was almost psychopathic in its execution. For some inexplicable reason, tour guiding drives some people completely round the twist. It was as if this was the only reason she became a tour guide. She was shaking with rage. This was pure unintelligible, inexplicable, vindictive behaviour by a seriously troubled person. Glinert has appealed against this decision but is not allowed this basic justice.