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Jewish Manchester – the Strictly Kosher tours

1,000 shekels

Jewish Manchester (City Centre Trail):
* Thu 2 May 2019.
* Meet 12 noon by the Malmaison Hotel, 3 Piccadilly.
* Booking: Please book here with eventbrite.

The Old Jewish Ghetto (Cheetham Hill Trail):
* Thu 2 May 2019.
* Meet 3pm at Victoria Station wallmap.
* Booking: Please book here with eventbrite.

City Centre trail: Please book here with eventbrite and stop kvetching.
Cheetham Hill trail. Please book here with eventbrite and show some derech eretz.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be Jewish!

So where do we go then? Who’s the gossip about? On the Jewish Manchester tours we hear about the three most famous Jews ever to come to Manchester:
* Nathan Mayer Rothschild, founder of the banking dynasty, soon to become the most powerful figure in the West, a “true Lord of Europe”, as Lord Byron described him in Don Juan
Karl Marx, founder of communism, who researched at Chetham’s Library. Oh, hold on; he was not really Jewish.
* And Robert Maxwell, the corrupt newspaper boss.

We explore the darkest corners of Strangeways (the area, not the prison, you schmerel) in search of signs of the old Jewish ghetto. We check into the Midland Hotel to hear some ferkakte stories about Chopin, the Schwabes and the Sieffs. We even head into St Ann’s Church (you want to know why we’re encountering the opposition? Come on the walk already!). Then there’s Jackson’s Row synagogue (before Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville demolish it) and the Town Hall (to meet the man who allowed the Jews back into England). And him below: NOT the first ever Jewish prime minister.


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