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Hitler’s Plans for Manchester FREE tour

Hitler’s Plans for Manchester FREE tour


SS GB Manchester – Hitler’s Plans for the City.

Next walking tour: Saturday 4 March 2023, 2pm.    
Meet: Victoria Station wallmap.
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Adolf Hitler never made it to Manchester. Nor did his stormtroopers, though they planned to. Had Operation Sealion (Unternehmen Seelowe – invasion of Britain) been successful, the Nazis would have overrun Manchester by 1943, which is why they kept their bombers away from three city centre buildings. Which three? Ah, we will reveal all on this tour.

Here’s another worry. Had the Nazis landed anywhere in Britain, martial law would have been immediately deployed. One prominent Manchester building had already been chosen as the emergency regional government headquarters from where the Resistance would have been led.

On this unique eye-opening tour Ed Glinert, who has done more research into secret service spy stories linked to Manchester than any living being outside MI9, unveils the mad Fuhrer’s plans to seize the city that fortunately for all of us came to nought.

Jackboot-clad generals holding court at the Midland Hotel; the Town Hall festooned with Swastikas; Jews, gays, blacks rounded up at Central Station, Piccadilly and Victoria...

Far fetched? Well, similar events took place in Amsterdam, Warsaw and Paris. How close was Manchester to succumbing to the Nazi yoke?

An alarming journey through one city that the SS failed to reach.


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