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New Manchester Walks wins the Cathedral Quiz – again!

For the third time in four years the eggheads in the New Manchester Walks set-up (with expert help from the Villages Velvet boutique hotel) have been victorious at the fiendishly difficult Manchester Cathedral quiz.
Shockingly, we fluffed a few of the music questions, but ingeniously played our joker on the World Cup round, before which Ed Glinert bravely announced: “If we get any of these wrong I’m moving to a new planet.”
Fortunately, border control on Alpha Centauri don’t need to be contacted as we made no mistakes on that round. Phew!
• The quiz was staged to raise money for the Cathedral. New Manchester Walks runs tours of the Cathedral (and nearby Chetham’s) twice a month. Please see elsewhere on the website or leaflet for details.