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Airport: 100+ Years of Flight in Manchester

Next tours: Sunday 16 June 2019.
Meet: Airport Railway Station barrier, 10.30am.
Booking: Please press here to book with eventbrite.

Only 4 months after the Wright Brothers first achieved powered flight, it all took off here with the meeting of Messrs Rolls and Royce in Manchester in 1904.

By 1907, the Roe brothers were manufacturing aircraft here in kit form, to open the world’s first aircraft factory in central Manchester in January 1910. The city has been flying high ever since.

Meet at the Airport Rail Station barrier for our tour of the history of flight in the city, bringing us up to the present day with a guided tour of Manchester airport.

Our tour includes:
* An overview of the beginnings of aviation in the region, including the first successful Transatlantic flight by 2 local pilots.
*A visit to one of the five Prayer rooms.
* We discover Ringway’s significant contribution to World War II and beyond (including modern aircraft safety) at the Memorial garden.
* We finish on the roof of the original Terminal building to see the entire Airport from above, as we watch aircraft movements.

This includes the arrival of the lunchtime Emirates Airbus A380 super-jumbo from Dubai (the world’s busiest international airport) – a city that would not exist, were it not for the achievements of a man from Manchester! (which man? We’ll explain on the tour).