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Best, Law & Charlton: FREE Zoom with Trafford Libraries

Best, Law & Charlton: FREE Zoom with Trafford Libraries


 Please go to Trafford Libraries to book onto the is free Zoom

George Best was the greatest player ever to come out of the British Isles. A mercurial winger, a dazzling dribbler, a magician, a maverick. As the saying goes: “Maradona good; Pelé better; George Best”.

Denis Law was European Footballer of the Year 1964. A great showman and one of the greatest goal poachers the game has ever produced. George Best once said about Law: “If a pass from Denis Law failed to reach you it was odds-on that you were not thinking fast enough to be in the right place for it.”

As for Bobby Charlton, this was what Matt Busby said in 1972: “The name of Bobby Charlton will stand for ever. In fact we may be too close to his great playing career to appreciate the full significance of his contribution to professional football. Time will undoubtedly add to Charlton’s stature rather than diminish it.”

Now will anyone ever say that about Richarlison?!


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