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70th Birthday Tribute to the Genius that is Stevie Wonder

We must pay tribute this May, 2020, to the genius that is Stevland Judkins Jnr on his 70th birthday.

Here is ten of his greatest, ranked for your delectation and deliberation.

  1. Superwoman (from Music of My Mind, 1972).
    9. Tuesday Heartbreak (from Talking Book, 1972).
    8. If You Really Love Me (from Where I’m Coming From, 1971).
    7. Another Star (from Songs in the Key of Life, 1976).
    6. Fingertips (studio version, from the Jazz Soul of Little Stevie, 1962).
    5. Big Brother (from Talking Book, 1972).
    4. Jesus Children of America (from Innervisions, 1973).
    3. Golden Lady (from Innervisions, 1973).
    2. Uptight (single, 1966).
    1. I Was Made To Love Her (single, 1967)

It’s the electric sitar by Eddie Willis on “I Was Made To Love Her” that clinches it, although I have to take exception to his claim that he was born in Little Rock. He was born in Saginaw, Michigan, but Little Rock fitted into the metre better.

Happy listening!