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Calling schools, students and teachers! Book an official guide to enrich your students on all things Manchester and Liverpool: the Pankhursts, Peterloo, Slavery, the Industrial Revolution…

We’ve been taking more and more groups on educational walking tours, covering all aspects of Manchester history.
We do Liverpool as well!
Here’s another great review for a tour this November 2021.
“Thanks Ed. I’ve passed it on to our Visits Coordinator who will arrange payment asap.
The talk was absolutely brilliant, thank you!
Mrs xxxxx
Head of History
Canon Slade School”
Please e-mail for a great day out for your class.
When I gave a talk on Alan Turing at Manchester Library a few years ago one mother wrote to me and said her daughter thought it the best lesson (of sorts) she’d heard and asked her mum why can’t school be more like that?
Well, that’s because Ed Glinert is the most entertaining speaker in the area, giving talks to a variety of clubs, societies and organisations, on cruise ships and to the Arts Society. That’s it.