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We can now do private tours of the Town Hall Clock Tower

Thanks to the good folk at the Town Hall we can now take bookings for private tours of the soaring, sky-scraping Clock Tower. So if your social group, pals, workplace, U3A, Probus, historical society would like a tour let us know by e-mailing and we’ll get you in – as long as no one else has booked it for that time.

The size of the group is strictly limited due to the small squeezy space up there. Optimum number 15.

Next 2015 Dates for public tours: Sat 22 Aug (almost sold out), Sat 19 Sep.

Public tours go at: 10.45am, 12.45pm and 2.45pm from the Lloyd Street entrance.

Private tours go at: any time you like (within reason!). 

Booking a public tour: Please book with Quay Tickets on

Can I just turn up?: There might be one or two spaces on the day but as the tour is selling out fast it’s best to book ahead!

Duration: A little short of 90 minutes.

Do I need to be sprightly, fit and active? Yes, absolutely. There are hundreds of steps!

Cost: £10.

How the tour works:

• We meet just inside the Lloyd Street entrance.
• We take you outside, into Albert Square, to have a good look at the Clock Tower from street level, and to explain its design and detail. You’ll be standing inside that space later.
• On the hour we will be outside, listening to the great bell: Great Abel. (An hour later you will be standing underneath the blighter as he does his blasts).
• We will then return to the Town Hall and head to the top of Manchester’s most famous building.
• On opening a secret wooden door we will ascend the spirally stone steps into a magical world of clinks, clangs and chimes, of booms and bells to stand behind the huge clock faces, to see the movement of the magical metallic machinery, to walk along the precarious parapet high above the city and to have your senses shattered by standing under the booming bell – Great Abel himself.

Don’t be late…time waits for no one…New Manchester Walks in time with the city!