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The John Rylands Library is closing at the end of August, so come on our tour while you have the chance!

Because of the imminent closure, we will be running more tours than normal, so make sure you book on before its too late!

Ed Glinert’s “John Rylands and More” tour is the only one that goes into the heart of this remarkable building and explains why the Rylands family dedicated it to the Protestant view of Christianity. Glinert unveils its history, purpose, the scope of the collection and tells the stories of the key figures honoured in statue that include some of the greatest figures in English history including John Wycliffe, William Tyndale and John Rainolds.

* Next tour: Thursday 9 May 2024 from outside St Ann’s Church.
* We can only take 30, yet so many book without turning up!
* Sorry, not suitable for children, however the library does do excellent family tours.