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The new megatour: An original and unique idea! We’re calling it “Castlefield: Epic Tour of Roman Manchester & the Birth of Industry”.
Duration: It comes in two parts, with a lunch stop half-way.
Booking: When we fix a date. Probably in the spring.
Price: £15.

What it is is every street, every canal, every building, every Roman site – every everything! – from Agricola to Albert’s Shed, from the Duke’s Cut to Duke’s 92, from Mithras to MOSI.

This is a new, epic, most-of-the-day tour in which we go into forensic detail at Manchester’s birthplace and pioneering industrial revolution site.

We will hear about the Roman findings, go in search of the last bit of Roman wall, find Britain’s first canal, make tracks at the world’s first railway, pay homage at the graveyard of 22,000, visit one of Britain’s most sprawling museums and summon up the spirit of Betty’s hot pot at the site of the Rovers Return. Actually, there’s a lunch stop half-way round.

Date and time: Sun 2 Sep 2018, 12 noon.
Meet: by the entrance of Beetham Tower.
Booking: Please book with eventbrite here.
Price: £15.