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What's happening with New Manchester Walks

Official tours of the Manchester Canals. Next up, Sat 3 August 2024, 12 noon from the Malmaison Hotel

Join official Manchester Bridgewater and Rochdale canals tour guide Ed Glinert on an eye-opening FREE tour of the city’s industrial waterways: the Rochdale Canal, the Bridgewater Canal and any others we can find. Glinert, Manchester’s leading historian, author of the forthcoming first ever epic history of the city, “Manchester: The Biography”…
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Coach Tours of Manchester and Liverpool

Now is the time for your social club, U3A group, Probus outfit, student body … to book a coach tour with our effortlessly entertaining guides.
There are so many to choose from:
* The Great Treasures of Manchester
* Wild and Wuthering West Yorkshire
* L. S. Lowry’s sights and settings of Salford
* The Beatles’ Liverpool
* Chi-Chi Cheshire
* The History of Manchester United…
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Celebrate the Formidable Women of Manchester, Friday 24 May, to welcome the WOW Festival

Spend the weekend exploring Manchester on our unique, entertaining and unbelievably informative tours.
* Sat 27th, Peterloo, 11am. Meet outside Central Library.
* Sat 27th, Angel Meadow, 2.30pm. Meet at Victoria Station wallmap.
* Sun 28th, Strangeways, 12 noon. Meet at Victoria Station wallmap
If you can’t book on Eventbrite, please just turn up! 
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The John Rylands Library is closing at the end of August, so come on our tour while you have the chance!

Because of the imminent closure, we will be running more tours than normal, so make sure you book on before it’s too late!

Ed Glinert’s “John Rylands and More” tour is the only one that goes into the heart of this remarkable building and explains why the Rylands family dedicated it to the Protestant view of Christianity. Glinert unveils its history, purpose, the scope of the collection and tells the stories of the key figures honoured in statue that include some of the greatest figures in English history including John Wycliffe, William Tyndale and John Rainolds.

* Next tour: Thursday 9 May 2024 from outside St Ann’s Church.
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Come to Manchester! Radical tours, Hacienda-era Music Tours, Architecture Tours, Cultural Tours & Much More

Manchester is now the up-coming destination for city visitors, overseas groups, the U3A, political organisations, football fans and so many others looking for a holiday or visit that’s infinitely more interesting than lying on a beach or playing golf. We have just spent 3 days hosting talks and tours with Sudbury U3A. So book with us, the city’s official tour guides, led by Ed Glinert, Manchester’s leading historian, veteran of 5,500 local tours, for a tour or package that will maximise your visit, thrill you with fascinating history and open up the world’s first and leading industrial city – whatever your field of interest.
* Radical Tours: Eye-opening stories on the trail of the Pankhursts, Marx & Engels, Peterloo, the fascist Mosley…
* Hacienda-era Music: Tours covering the Smiths’ Manchester, Joy Division’s Manchester, Tony Wilson’s Manchester, Manchester in 10 Songs, and the Hacienda era tour itself
* The Making of Manchester: How a “mere village”, in the words of Daniel Defoe, became the world’s first industrial city, leading the way with so many firsts and inventions, from the world’s first railway to vegetarianism; from splitting the atom to the first computer. 
* Cultural Tours of Manchester: The newspapers advertise these for Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath and Oxford, but miss out Manchester. Why? We explore the Manchester of Dickens, the Halle, De Quincey, the Pre-Raphaelites, Elizabeth Gaskell, Anthony Burgess and Lowry.
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Want an exciting & entertaining speaker who will wow your audience? Book Ed Glinert

As one of Britain’s most experienced public speakers, an Arts Society lecturer and regular cruise ships speaker, Ed Glinert has an endless retinue of talks, many with a Manchester theme, to give. 
His most recent additions are:
* The Making of the film Casablanca.
* Alan Turing: Tortured Genius of the Computer Age.
* Brilliant Orange: The History of Dutch Football.
* Marx & Engels in Manchester.
* Diamonds Are Forever.
* The Skyscrapers of New York.
* The Greatest 100 Songs of the 20th Century.
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It’s Time to Name the Metrolink Lines

As Manchester’s leading historian and most prolific tour guide, I am approaching both Bee Network/Transport for Greater Manchester and Andy Burnham’s mayoral office to see if they have the imagination to name the Metrolink lines in a way that will do Manchester proud.

At the moment we have Metrolink transport confusion in Manchester. Two tourists stopped me the other day at Deansgate-Castlefield station and asked where they could catch the “Navy Line”. That foxed even me. I asked them where they were going and they said “Victoria”. “That platform over there,” I informed them. But “Navy Line”? Eh? If that’s the best Metrolink/TfGM can do, it’s not good enough.

As for names, for now, the public talks about the “Bury Line” or the “Airport Line”. Factually correct, but boring. If Bee/TfGM renamed the lines, it would reap success in so many ways:
• Usage would increase dramatically as new customers, enticed by the scheme and attracted by the names, chose to use Metrolink, maybe for the first time.
• It would help locals and visitors use the system. (Who’s ever heard of the “Navy Line”?). Tourists would quickly take to the system.
• There would be increased civic pride in Manchester and its history.
• It would lead to nationwide publicity in the national press and media.
Using my unrivalled knowledge of Manchester and its history, and my concern for local civic pride, I have worked out the perfect names for the Manchester Metrolink lines.
Here are the current lines, my proposed names and why.
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This is What We Do – We Take Satisfied Groups on Brilliant Tours

So whether you live in Bury, Basingstoke or Bermuda, if you live or are coming to Manchester, book a tour with Ed Glinert, Manchester’s best informed and wittiest historian, Britain’s most prolific tour guide, Arts Society lecturer, cruise ships speaker, Penguin Classics editor, renowned author…and a general authority on anything worth knowing –  architecture, art, football, Jewish history, literature, music, politics, religious history…all the important stuff and a bit more.

These are tours with no “Rolls met Royce at the Midland Hotel” canards.
No “the 3 stripes on the city’s coat of arms are the 3 rivers of Manchester” nonsense.
No “the pillar box on Corporation Street is the one that survived the 1996 bomb” rubbish.
No “Mamucium was the city’s original name” idiocy.
Proper history! Wit, depth, analysis, humour, information…
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