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Secrets of the Northern Quarter FREE tour

Secrets of the Northern Quarter FREE tour


Meet: Queen Victoria Statue, Piccadilly Gardens.


Boho Manchester, cool Manchester, modish Manchester, funky but chic Manchester.

It’s the Northern Quarter, the ’hood east of Piccadilly Gardens. A land of crumbling cotton factories, sky-scraping fire-escapes, Bohemian bars, downhome hidden spaces, cult markets, chic galleries and cardamom-scented, sizzingly-cheap curry cafes; a style haven shaped in marble, steel and beechwood, with streets named in Mediterranean tiles and pavements slabbed in mosaic.

There’s even a great history of political turmoil, a stretch of the last remaining back-to-back houses in Manchester, and testaments to the great figures who have walked its streets, like Abel Heywood, L. S. Lowry and Emmeline Pankhurst.

Join the hardest-working tour guide and historian in Manchester, Ed Glinert, who was once Boho, cool and modish, funky and chic, in this in-depth trawl and trail through the land that the destructive developers forgot.

* It’s old Manchester renewed and new Manchester refreshed. It’s good. It’s modern.

Although this is a FREE tour, registration is still required.

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