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Jack the Ripper: All the Conspiracies Explained (on Zoom)

30/04/2021 5:30 pm
30/04/2021 6:45 pm

Next tour is on Zoom: Fri 30 April 2021, 5.30pm.
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Forget all the ridiculous list of culprits and bogus theories. This is the Jack the Ripper zoom tour that goes straight to the weird and wonderful conspiracy theories that makes this story the most fascinating in London (& British) history, lifting the lid on the Jack the Ripper team that terrorised London.

Our Zoom tour format allows us to take you, the curious and incredulous, to all five murder sites to hear the basic story of how five seemingly random women were senselessly murdered.  Then we go back again to those same East End locations to hear how the local Jewish population was vilified for blame, then visits them again to hear the remarkable real reasons behind what might well be an astonishing cover-up and conspiracy. And we haven’t forgotten what every other Ripper guide has overlooked – the obscure East End location where it all went wrong for the British establishment.

If you think Jack the Ripper is simply no more than a shock horror tale of murdered prostitutes, think again! This story goes right into the heart of the British state and its secrets and as we reveal through the mean streets of the East End, this becomes a journey into one of the greatest cover-ups and conspiracies in British history.

Ingenious • Inspired • Incredible

Tour devised by Ed Glinert, prolific London tour guide and historian, author of Penguin’s East End Chronicles and Emons’ 111 Places in London’s East end You Shouldn’t Miss. No one has done more work on one of the most remarkable stories in British history.

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