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The Formidable Women of Manchester FREE expert tour (WOW Festival)

The Formidable Women of Manchester FREE expert tour (WOW Festival)


Next tour: Friday 24 May 2024 (In conjunction with the WOW festival at Factory).
at the Emmeline Pankhurst statue, St Peter’s Square, 5.30pm.
Booking: Please press here to book with Eventbrite.

Here’s our squad:

* Elizabeth Gaskell, who wrote Mary Barton, one of the classic “condition of England” novels in 1848.
* Hannah Mitchell, who challenged Churchill at St John’s School during the Suffragette era.
* Annie Horniman, who established Britain’s first repertory theatre company.
* Shelagh Delaney who pioneered modernist theatre with her groundbreaking A Taste of Honey.
* Ellen Wilkinson – “Red Ellen” who accompanied the Jarrow miners to London.
* Kathleen Ollerenshaw, who overcame deafness to become Lord Mayor, a leading educationalist, mathematician and advisor to Margaret Thatcher (now what sort of job is that for a Mancunian?!).
* Sylvia Pankhurst, Britain’s greatest political campaigner.

These are just some of the heroic Manchester women we will be celebrating.

A big demonstration in support of the International Labour Policy on Spain was held in Trafalgar Square. Ellen Wilkinson, Member of Parliament, addressing the huge meeting in Trafalgar Square in London, on July 11, 1937. (AP Photo)

Emmeline Pankhurst statue, St Peter's Square, Manchester M1 4LF
St Peter's Square
Manchester, M1 4LF
United Kingdom

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